Comedy May Be Dying, But Satire is Alive and Well – An Interview with PAUL CONSTANT

Paul Constant sits down with Katie Liggera to discuss his newest AHOY Comics series Snelson: Comedy is Dying, stand-up comedy, cancel culture, and why walking is an integral part of his writing process.

COMIC BOOK YETI: Welcome to the Comic Book Yeti cave, Paul! We’re excited to have you here for this interview. It appears you’ve been keeping busy in Seattle, writing countless insightful articles and now, a new comic series, during the pandemic. One of your recent newsletters mentioned your impressive 44-mile walk on the longest day of the year. How have you been during the pandemic, and what inspires you to maintain such high levels of productivity -- and creativity?

Snelson: Comedy is Dying, Issue #1, cover, AHOY Comics, Constant/Harper

PAUL CONSTANT: I'm so thrilled to be here! Thanks for having me. The Yeti cave isn't nearly as dank as I feared it would be. I'm glad to see you keep the longboxes warm and dry and free from cave mold.

I've always been a pretty productive writer. I don't have any magical tips for aspiring writers, unfortunately, I just figured out the process that works best for me.