Writer: Dan Watters

Illustrator: Dani

Publisher: Image Comics

Coffin Bound, issue #2, cover, Image Comics, Watters/Dani
Coffin Bound, issue #2, cover, Image Comics, Watters/Dani


A grindhousy, surreal, horror-adjacent ongoing series about a woman trying to erase every aspect of her past while on the run by an extremely powerful killer.

It has a similar color palette and stage presence to REPO! The Genetic Opera, but none of the cheese factor. It has the grit and violence and out-there-ness of grindhouse but is very much its own thing, too.

While I haven't written a review of Coffin Bound's first groundbreaking issue, you can hear me and Matt Lune talk to Dan Watters a little about in on the That's the Issue podcast.


(Minor Spoilers)

Izzy is on the run from a crazed and powerful killer. But rather than trying to hide out, she goes on a road trip to erase any mark, creation or part of her that she left in her life so that, once she's gone, it'll be like she never even existed.

The man who hired EarthEater! for the task? Izzy's unhinged (ex-?)lover. But why? And can he stop EarthEater!?