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Brewing up an Anthology – An interview with GEOFF NICHOLSON

Comic Book Yeti contributor Cody chatted with Geoff Nicholson about The Brewgooders Beer and Comics Podcast Anthology Comic, which you can back right now on Kickstarter. If you like comics and you like beer then you're going to want to keep reading.


COMIC BOOK YETI: Hello, Geoff, and thank you so much for stopping by the Yeti Cave today! This is our segment called Cryptid-Bits in which we ask questions about you and The Brewgooders Beer and Comics Podcast Anthology Comic, which currently has an active Kickstarter running until September 19th. How are you doing today?

GEOFF NICHOLSON: I'm awrite man, just had to shell out £200 on my £600 car’s broken exhaust but also just watched WWE Clash at the Castle so aye, not bad.

CBY: The Brewgooders Beer and Comics Podcast Anthology Comic has a nice ring too it – a couple cold ones and a good book was always a favorite past time of mine. If I am not mistaken, it seems like you enjoy the two as well?

GN: Totally! Our podcast, The Brewgooders Beer and Comics podcast was formed after Colin Maxwell and I were inspired by the opening of a craft beer shop, The Caledonian Craft Beer Merchant two doors down from our Local Comic Book Shop ‘The Little Shop of Heroes’. There's something special about picking up your pull list and then picking up a few beers to accompany your books.

CBY: You and founding host Colin started off the podcast by reviewing beer & comics but grew to interviewing creators and eventually getting printed in nationally accessible comics and newspapers. That is such a remarkable journey, can you tell us a bit more of your history leading up to over 140 episodes?

A Brief History of Beer by Mark Abnett

GN: Colin Maxwell was always going to be printed in nationally accessible comics. His work is awesome and speaks for itself. There is no question that he will continue to produce his amazing stories and continue to be recognized for the talent he is. I am just lucky to call him my mate. We started the podcast as an excuse to drink beer and chat comics. It was also a nice way to chat to people associated with both.

I think lockdown for us, for everybody, changed the way we did things. We changed the format to what people would know us as now. We still chat beer and comics, but we strive to bring in interesting guests from both communities to chat about their work and about their experiences. With folks stuck at home, we were able to chat [with] people [who] would possibly be too busy normally and also grow a lovely community of beer and comic enthusiasts. That community is with us now and is utterly beautiful.

CBY: In this current Anthology you are working with 16 other contributors to create several stories as a way to say thanks and celebrate comics. How has the transition been going from interviewing creators to working alongside them? GN: I am overseeing the process and it has been totally eye-opening. Many of those that have contributed work are personal heroes of mine and it was pretty nerve-wracking having to make executive decisions. I began the process trying to be as diplomatic and democratic, but actually at times that was not what was needed. I could offer up loads of examples but the overarching theme for me was people supporting. Rather than approaching the creators to appear on the show because I am a fan chatting to them about their work, I have been in a position of motivation and guidance and support. All the contributors in this Anthology have put forward wonderful stories and trying to assure them that's why they are there has left a big impression on me. I hope I have been a decent and supportive editor.

CBY: It can’t be all Oak & Hops working on an anthology for the first time can it? What have some of the challenges been overseeing a project this large?

Happy Meal by David Cranna, art from Steven Ingram

GN: Like I said before, helping the creators to understand that their work is amazing and we are honored to have them in the book. The indie comic community, in my experience, is the most wholesome and supportive community I have ever known. I want the anthology to reflect that! We have been totally blown away by the creators that answered our call. Look at our credits! Just look at them! How could you not be excited!?

Mark Abnett Comics (This Land)

David Wimblett (Hoards of Surrey)

Steven Ingram Art (Left, Holly)

Luke Halsall (Out of time)

Hannah Halsall

Dave Bedford (The 77)

Michael Philp (Dagon, The Big Comic Con)

Connor Tierney (Kid Eastwood)

Atholl Buchan (Frontier Tales, Spitfires vs Aliens)

Paul Sørensen (The Night Life)

Tom Sørensen

Connor Tierney (Kid Eastwood)

Gonzalo Lopez (Olimarville)

Colin Maxwell (Maximized Comics , Commando Comics )

Andrew Magee (Kingdom Comics & Games)

David Cranna (Glasscity Comics )

Sorting out page counts is an utter ache too!

CBY: With your podcast having a bit of an alcohol theme to it, will we see this be the running concept as well within the comic?

'This is Me' written by Dave Whimblett, Art by Gonzala Lopez, and Letters from Ken Reynolds

GN: We actually wanted the comic to showcase the Independent comic scene because it is brilliant. We toyed with putting a theme such as beer into the book but ultimately did not want to hinder any contributors efforts with a specific story requirement. As a result, I think we have been able to pull together a very varied and very heartfelt set of stories. Don't worry though! Mark Abnett has contributed a piece that gives readers a short history of beer!

CBY: What is next for The Brewgooders? Will we see more anthologies from you in the future or possibly a comic or two? I really like the idea of creating a comic out of love and appreciation for comics!

GN: We will need to see how this one goes before we contemplate a second anthology. Everyone involved though is super busy with their outstanding work and I hope if nothing else, readers of the anthology will be able to discover an artist or writer they have not previously maybe been aware of and from our wee book discover their new favourite comic creator.

CBY: What other social media platforms can our readers find more of your content on?

Love your Son by Luke Halsall

GN: We are on most social media as @thebrewgooders. We post loads on there about comic stuff we find interesting but our social media also serves as a wee signposting board where you can chat and discover new stuff, including ours!

CBY: I really appreciate you taking the time to sit down with us here in the Yeti Cave to break down The Brewgooders Beer and Comics Podcast Anthology Comic!! I can’t wait to see you all crack a couple cold ones in celebrations of a successful Kickstarter!

GN: Either can I, matey! Thanks for having me!

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