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Bad Egg Publishing Announces Three Massive Titles


Bad Egg Publishing is kicking off the year with three massive first issues: PLAGUE SEEKER, followed by VOID SILVER and THE SOMEWHAT INCREDIBLE JACKIE-BOY MAN this spring! 

Plague Seeker #1, the 80-page first issue from All-Star creator Charlie “Moist Cr1TiKaL” White with art from rising star artist Vamkire Trannel (Snap), features a limited edition foil variant, and original bonus prose story from Hugo Award nominee David Wellington (Marvel Zomnibus) with illustrations by John Bivens (Devil's Red Bride). Includes the prelude story from the sold out Plague Seeker #0."I’m genuinely excited to get Plague Seeker #1 out to the world," said Charlie “MoistCritkal” White. "Prepare yourself, the art and story in this book are going to melt some eyeballs.”

Additionally, the full debut of creator JackSepticEye’s ALTRVERSE—Void Silver and The Somewhat Incredible Jackie-Boy Man—features two 40-page stories, each with its own limited edition foil variant.


(W) Charlie “Moist Cr1TiKaL” White (A/C/CA) Vamkire Trannel  (L) Dave Sharpe (CB) Brett Weldele (CC) Foil Variant by Vamkire Trannel

In the far future, humankind is on the brink of extinction. A thousand years after an apocalypse level event known as the Calamity, only small pockets of rough civilization exist. Ruling over Earth are a new race of monstrous beings — The Great Plagues. From Charlie "Moist Cr1TiKaL" White, with stunning art from rising star artist Vamkire Trannel, PLAGUE SEEKER is unlike any comic you’ve ever read.


Void Silver #1

(W) Alejandro Arbona (A/CA) Suzi Blake (C) Andrew Dalhouse  (L) Dave Sharpe (CB) Skylar Patridge


Magic exists alongside science and technology, and its practitioners dwell in every strata of modern society. Exceptional even among these exceptional individuals is the preternaturally gifted…the iconoclastic…the sarcastic and short-tempered…Marvin the Magnificent!


The Somewhat Incredible Jackie-Boy Man #1

(W) James Asmus (A/CA) Megan Huang (L) Dave Sharpe (CB) Laura Helsby

A long time ago, in a galax—no, wait. Gifted with Great Power and Great Respon--nope. Not that either. After a lifetime of fandom and fantasy, Jackie was caught in a strange, cosmic cock-up that gave him amazing powers! …Or at least, ‘fairly impressive physical abilities’? Now, inspired by the kinds of heroes from his favorite comics, anime, and video games, he’s trying to be a real-life super hero in an otherwise ordinary world, as the somewhat incredible JACKIE-BOY MAN!


Preorders for Plague Seeker #1 are now open, Void Silver #1 and The Somewhat Incredible Jackie-Boy Man #1 preorders opening later this spring.

To learn more about Bad Egg Publishing, check out

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