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A Sidequest Lets You Escape the Main Quest but You Can Never Escape Yourself ... or Can You?

Sidequest #4 is currently funding on Kickstarter, and with about 10 days left it is 95% funded and a Kickstarter "Project We Love". If you aren't familiar with Sidequest, it tells the story of D'Arik, a human member of his adventuring party who relies, perhaps too heavily, on these adventures to deal with the stress of his daily life. The series thus far has been funny and action-packed with tons of heart. This is the penultimate issue and a perfect time to catch up before the finale.

Jimmy Gaspero welcomed writer Comic Book Heartthrob Grant "The Pineapple Man" Stoye, artist Alaire Racicot, and letterer Toben Racicot into the Yeti Cave to discuss all things Sidequest, playing D&D, and why Grant's hatred of pineapple is a lie and another fine example of his life motto: Always Commit to the Bit.


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