A Conversation with 7 Creators from Erotic Anthology SMUTCOMIC #2

Τσοντοκόμικ/Smutcomic #2 (@tsontokomik), an erotic comic anthology based in Athens, contains 13 stories by women and non-binary cartoonists in the indie Greek comics scene, and just successfully hit more than double its Kickstarter campaign goal for funding its Greek and English print run.

I spoke with 7 of the Smutcomic #2 creators on a Zoom call about their processes, the ins-and-outs of their stories, and how this highly collaborative, sexy, and very fun anthology came together. Below is a transcript of our conversation, edited for clarity and brevity.

COMIC BOOK YETI: I got a preview of the comic and I read some of the entries. And it's so creative and so fun. There's a lot of joy that radiates through the work. And the premise is also just exciting. One of the things I read about in the preview is that the stories are all interconnected somehow. So how did you come up with that idea and how does that work when you hand stories off to the next creator?

GEORGIA ZACHARI (@heytiganopsomo): Alkyoni (Papakonstantopoulou/Poisoner) said to have [something connecting the stories] because when we did the first one, everyone did whatever they wanted, but we knew that we had to have a theme for [the] second. So Alkyoni proposed having one character have multiple one-night stands, and then we changed it to this — I don't know how it happened exactly, but it was really fun.

ROBERTA YAITZOGLU WATKINSON: I think we had several ideas. We had maybe one prop moving through each story [as one idea,] but I don't think that was as interesting as having one character jump to the next and then the next.