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4 COLOR LOW-DOWN: Weekly Comics News 6/5/24

Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi! Lord Zed, the teenagers have escape! Assemble a team of monsters with attitude. (I'll bet Rita would recruit Mr. Yeti to that team) Hope you all are having a good week so far. I'm working into overdrive to make up for my missing year. I have so much stuff in the works and I am crossing my fingers half of them reach completion. If you had not seen last weeks post, I have launched the promotion phase on my first crowdfunding campaign. I debuted my brand new newsletter. As well as I got a sweet heart offer that I will be excited to talk about soon.

Wait... is this not the Doug Wood weekly news round up? Ay-yi-yi. My mistake. You're here for new or important comics news from the past week. Well I hate to break it to you. This is one of those rare light weeks for press releases. I will make it up to you in the What Would I Buy section, as this week has so many great buys, I needed to had an also look at these please list this week. I promise not to make a habit of that, as it kills the feature, but I hope you have some money saved up cause its a hot week for comics!



We launch right into a new comic announcement from newish comic publisher DSTLRY. Time Waits by Chip Zdarsky, David Brothers, and Marcus To. The book appears to be future time travel man hates his job and quits to live in the past. Falls in love in a small town. Problem is the time travel corporation he worked for feel he is property and want to claim him.

This fascinating story will be out some time. I have two press releases for this and neither say. I have been listening to David Brothers and Chip Zdarsky on their podcast Mangasplaining, so its a nice treat to see them working together on this book.


Dynamite Comics announces that they will be bringing Darkwing Duck to Kickstarter soon. This will collect long out of print back issues. They had success with Gargoyles so this is their big follow up.

More info to come in the following weeks.


OOO I am so pumped for this book Blood Squad Seven from the mind of Joe Casey and Paul Fry. This Image Comic lands on us at issue two and they are teasing the rare Savage Dragon crossover. If you missed issue one Blood Squad Seven follows a team that was super popular in its 90's heyday. Now in present day, a new team is trying all it can do to live down it's notorious reputation.

Image Comics title Department of Truth is returning. I have not read the book so the summary does not make sense, so here is their words about the book: 'The series previously left readers with a shocking cliffhanger, as the Department of Truth was confronted with an enemy intent on exposing their secrets to the world. But the Department of Truth ended up making a shocking choice: go public first. Starting with issue 23, to understand Lee Harvey Oswald’s risky gambit, readers will return to where it all started: Dallas, 1963, as President John F. Kennedy’s motorcade passed the grassy knoll…'

Get excited because the book is out June 26th!



We kick off this week with Reed Hinkley-Barnes and Niccolò Ielapi bring some Zelda like goodness in the form of comic Hero of Legend. 'There is a darkness that haunts the world. Magic, sealed away and ever returning. A chosen hero with his sacred blade, reborn eternally every few centuries to seal away that darkness. This has been the story for a thousand years and a thousand more before that. Then, 100 years ago, something changed.

Soah has lived her entire life in the ruins of the world that came before. Hiding in her village from the giants and magical creatures that now freely roam the countryside, she has learned to make a life for herself. Then, one day while she is out hunting, Soah saves the life of a roguish, charming young man hiding a terrible secret.'

This impressive comic has already been 100% completed and the creators are looking for the funding to print and ship the book. I recommend looking at those pages on the campaign because they are incredible.

Launching soon is Norm Harper and Meaghan Carter, is the book The Iron Barge. Be still my heart. There is mention of Mad Max meets Mouse Guard! You know how I love me some little creatures in an enormous world. The book follows a duty bound otter and a renegade lemur trying to escape pirates in a Las Vegas overrun by animals. I'm in love with the idea.

Check this when it launches this week!



Well here we are again. A week so filled with great books. I will tell you what I'd hypothetically would buy if I had a budget of $5, $10 or $30. Let's get right into it. And look at the after section for some extra recommends.


This has to be my hardest week to narrow down if I could only get one comic this week. But writer Deniz Camp continues to write fascinating stories that I just have to experience. With artist Juan Frigeri The Ultimates promises to be one hell of a ride featuring an alternate universe Avengers team. I'm expecting a lot of the story to go over my head like previous books by Deniz, but I like the challenge of reading these types of stories.


I might feel a little guilty with these selections as I have already featured them multiple times, but gosh they just keep rising to the top of my lists the weeks they come out. I implore you to pick up Zac Thompson and Daniel Irizarri's Cemetery Kids Don't Die. Daniel is drawing the absolute hell out of the this series. Issue 4 has the tag line Final Level. So the getting is getting good. People say that, right?

Meanwhile, David Pepose and Jonathan Lau's Space Ghost exploded last month. Just lighting readers on fire with excitement. I has drawn enough of a character I wasn't sure I wanted any more of, to want to pick up a second issue and pre-order the full series. This team is just exciting and the book deserves your hard monies.


There was never any doubt that Simon Roy's Griz Grobus was going to be missed out on this week. Simon continues to excite the imagination with this story. I cannot recommend this book hard enough to you. BUY!


Tony McMillen brings to us the ogn Attaboy. It's part comic, part video game instruction manual. It's all very intriguing and inventive. It's something I hope to seek out when I have the money to.

Double dose of Norm Harper as he also has a book with Louie Joyce. Haphaven, we previously covered in the news in weeks past, is a book features a superstitious kid in a superstitious land. It's a coming age adventure begging for you to explore.

This issue one of Falling in Love on the Path to Hell really captured my eye. Garry Brown and Gerry Dugan explore an afterlife in hell where two warriors fall in love while dealing with ruthless demon killers.

This one hurt me to not put on my list, but the cost was just a bit out of my budget for the week. I sincerely wish you to give CJ Hudson and Rodrigo a chance with your dollars. Vigia explores an alien world through the eyes of an alien science officer and their AI companion.

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