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4 COLOR LOW-DOWN: Weekly Comics News 4/3/24

Hello! HELLo! HELLO! It's time again to wag your tail, its time for mailllllll! Wait no, this is a comic news recap not Blue's Clues. Sometimes I just forget where I am. This news week was a bit slow in our inbox, so I am pulling something I saw on TwitterX and we can discuss that. Alongside that is an enormous release week on crowdfunding platforms. Prepare your wallet and support these creators who are trying to fund their dreams.

HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT: We are now streaming live on Tuesdays. Yesterday we did a test run and that VOD might be available to watch. If you can make it out, that is cool, if not, we will release in Pod format or VOD as soon as possible!



Last week it was announced that publishers Band of Bards and Dauntless Stories are combining together. These relative newcomers in the direct market space are going to attempt something radical in the industry, by forming as a CO-OP. They have established a board and will be looking to eventually bring on worker-owners in the future, in hopes to level the playing field for creators to get their start. They are claiming to be looking to host a diverse array of voices in the books they publish. So be on the lookout for the books they announced on TwitterX soon.



Starting our busy week is A Tiny Island by CJ Hudson and R. Moy. They are pitching it as a story based on a Japanese classic tale. A young woman discovers an underwater kingdom. They have many amazing pieces of art available, so get ready to take that all in.

This is NSFW so if you are into that, this project is live now!

Second up, we have Every Last One! Gary Chudeigh and Daniel Coloma are doing horror crime. I like the sound of that. Pitched as an inspector is investigating a serial killers victims when he finds a troubled orphan with powers beyond his understanding.

If you like stuff like X-Files give this a peep, now live on Kickstarter!

Then we have Gary's Bardacious Adventures by Matt Summo and Pete Collins. They are pitching this as a children's-book-version of their Bardic Verse comic. A 1.5 issue, if you will. They wanted to showcase their little buddy Gary the yellow goblin and the big things he is getting up to.

This project is live.

The projects keep rolling as we see the launch of Vampires on Mars by George O'Connor and the returning Fernando Pinto (man, that guy is busy). They are putting a 300-year-old vampire up against Billionaires, Astronauts and Chaos. Read as this all works out.

Project is now live

Now we have The Warden. I have worked with artist Matthieu Pereria so I know he does excellent work. I love to see you all support him as this book works to meet its goal.

The project is live now.

We wrap this week on a book described as a dark comedy. It's Fun To Kill People by Anthony Stokes and Marco Leone. Anthony pitches it to me as "Follow the hijinks of a poorly adjusted kid who has a pair of serial killers as parents." Interested to see how this one plays out. The cartooning looks excellent.

Book is now live



We have Pistol Shrimp by Charlie McFarland and Luis Morocho. The book follows the titular character searching for his wife after disaster separates them. Pistol Shrimp is a comedy adventure book and if you have any interest they recommend checking out the free first issues on GlobalComix as they are sure you will be hooked by it.

It has not reached its goal and needs a big push. Please help!



Finally, I bring on some friends to help find some comics they'd want to buy this week. We are digging into the Diamond Previews catalog and we tell you what we would buy if I had $5, $15 or magically $30 to spend on comics in a given week. This week we have Wells Thompson and Luis Godoy II! Wells has a book that is launching on Kickstarter next week so take a look.

If Wells Had $5

$5 - Grim #16 - Stephanie Phillips is a beast of a writer and how can you deny that Skylar Patridge cover?! Absolutely gorgeous! (Doug says- apologies for the quality of this cover, I tried searching for better but this was the best I could manage.)

If Luis Had $5

If I walked into my local comic shop (LCS) with only a fiver to buy a comic this week. I would have to lay it down for this week's Blue Beetle issue 8 by Josh Trujillo and Adrian Gutierrez. This run has been a favorite of mine since issue 1. Gutierrez’s art brings so much energy, it would be too good to pass up. 

If Doug Had $5

Sometimes you want to try a comic simply based on the cover. Magma Comix presents Principles of Necromancy following a traveling doctor trying to overcome death. They plan to work on some barbarians. I think that is enough for me to take a shot at this Jackson Lanzing and Eamon Winkle comic.

If Wells Had $15

Akogun, Brutalizer of the Gods - I am a sucker for some old-school barbarian/Frazetta homage (see Frankenstein the Unconquered for more on that), and this looks like exactly the kind of heavy metal throwdown I would go insane over in high school!

Alien Black White and Blood 3 - I love Alien and while very little beyond the first two films is any good, I'm willing to be proven wrong!

If Luis Had $15

If I had $15, that allows a bit more wiggle room, I can get 2-3 comics or a trade or a trade and a comic if the trade is about $10. I may still get Blue Beetle but I would try The Principles of Necromancy issue 1 from the writing duo of Jackson Lanzing and Colin Kelly with some horrifying, in a good way, art by Eamon Winkle from new publisher Magma Comix, based on the issue’s synopsis we’d follow Dr. Jakob Eyes journey to attempt to overcome death itself with what is described as arcane remedies which are the closest thing to magic in this world, that’s sound pretty interesting to me

Lastly I’d also get Usagi Yojimbo: Crow issue 1 by Stan Sakai, another chapter in the ongoing saga of this ronin rabbit.

If Doug Had $15

If I came into the comic shop with $15, I am still riding with Necromancy, but then I'd pick up the Minor Threats new series. Patton Oswalt and Jordan Blum pair with Scott Hepburn to continue their story from Dark Horse Comics. I enjoyed the first issue of the original, so I would need catch up somehow. But it was enough that I would try out this second series.

I stumbled upon issue one of Last Mermaid from Image Comics and now I am hooked. The art by Derek Kirk Kim is just stunning. It appears that there is not much water left in the world but our titular mermaid needs some fresh H2O soon or it might be the end. I apologize for not having a cover for this one, but this image can really sell you, imo.

If Doug and Wells Had $30

This week there is a surprise double pick if we had $30. Damn Them All by Si Spurrier and Charlie Adlard from Boom Studios.

Wells says: Damn them All Vol. 2 - Inject that supernatural noir right in my veins!

Whereas I say: The art and layouts are some of the more interesting I have seen. I love to study the way this comic is made because it fascinates me as a creator. I dig the story they are telling and want to get this book. Only wish it got many more issues.

If Luis Had $30

If I had $30, I couldn’t pass on Resonant: The Complete Series by David ‘DB’ Andry, Skylar Patridge and Tim Daniel. You get a full 10-issue series for under $30. That’s an insane deal. (and it looks to be adapted soon into a TV series, get it so you can be the go to Resonant expert). I’d enjoyed what I’ve read by David Andry and how can you pass on Skylar Patridge art chef’s kiss Until next time!

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