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Writer: Michael Moreci Art: Hayden Sherman Publisher: Vault Comics

Wasted Space, issue #7, cover, Vault Comics, Moreci/Sherman


Wasted Space is the funnest existential crisis you'll ever have. It's an intergalactic romp that perfectly balances action, humor, and the worry that all of the decisions you make in your life are pre-ordained.

Imagine Preacher meets Archer in space, or maybe Star Wars if it were originally intended for an adult audience.

This covers issue #7 only, so you should probably read the previous reviews and their issues before reading this one.


(Moderate spoilers for Vol. 1, only minimal for the issue discussed)

The plans are set in motion! There's no stopping them now.

The team has to save Molly's dumb anarchist brother, Rex. This is partially out of the kindness of their hearts and a need to be a responsible caretaker of others' lives, and partially so they can use Rex to find a certain nuke so they can steal it for reasons.

Fury & Dust are in love, but it's that nuanced, adult kind of love where other stuff gets in the way. They have to decide what's more important to them: being together or their "other" allegiances.

While Dust & Fury decide to qil or to fuq, Molly may be teaching a thing-or-two to Billy about morality. But Billy Bane's been burned by morality and a sense of a bigger meaning before – can Molly break through his existential scar tissue?


  • Michael Moreci is an absolute treasure

  • His ability to have advanced, deep philosophical discussions about existential issues while having them also be extremely entertaining and interesting to read is a key part of this series and apparent in every issue

  • I've talked about Hayden Sherman and Jason Wordie's line art and colors in previous reviews, but I want to give a special shout-out to their absolutely phenomenal wraparound cover this issue, and its Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy easter egg (shown above)

  • Speaking of easter eggs, Jason Wordie's colors still have that Easter color palette throughout many of the pages, but the juxtaposition of the dark, inky black against the warm oranges in the page below was one of my favorite parts of the issue

  • Jim Campbell had some fun sound effect work this issue, but deserves the most credit for making dialogue-heavy scenes not look insanely busy

  • The backmatter in this issue was enjoyable

  • I love seeing how the proverbial "sausage" gets made, and Vault's "Inside the Vault" offers a nice peek into the making of this issue and a taste of what's to come


  • Not for kids

  • Cursing, violence, adult themes and some nudity (though much of the nudity is covered up in hilarious ways)

  • While the cast feels more entourage-based, all the characters feel like they're supporting cast members for Billy

  • This isn't really a knock against it so much as I'm not sure if it should be more about the rest of Billy's party, too, or if we're only supposed to have one protagonist

  • We've gotten some depth for Dust, but I hope we get more

  • Interested to see where Molly Sue's character arc takes her, since we haven't seen a ton from her, either

Wasted Space, issue #7, page 12, Vault Comics, Moreci/Sherman


This is the incredible, addictive space opera you’ve been waiting for. It hits all the right notes, with enough new that it feels like untrod territory but enough trappings of the genre to feel familiar, like a warm, comfy blanket.

It's fun and hilarious and action-packed, while also having great depth and an undercurrent of existential crisis and helplessness.

If you loved Vol. 1, you will continue to love this new story arc.


If you like the writing:

  • Wasted Space, Vol. 1 by Michael Moreci & Hayden Sherman

  • Void Trip by Ryan O'Sullivan & Plaid Klaus

  • Preacher, Vol. 1 by Garth Ennis & Steve Dillon

If you like the art:

  • The Few by Sean Lewis & Hayden Sherman

  • Sentient by Jeff Lemire & Gabriel Hernández Walta

  • New Mutants: Demon Bear by Chris Claremont & Bill Sienkiewicz


Michael Moreci – Writer

  • Inspired by space operas like Star Wars and Guardians of the Galaxy, and often writes epic sci-fi stories

  • Many of his other works are currently in production for film or TV

  • Multitalented: Also recently published his second novel, The Throwaway

Hayden Sherman – Illustrator

  • Influenced by sci-fi films, Batman, teachers he had and great comics he's read

  • Recently wrote an Opinion article for the New York Times about using war games to train engineers

Jason Wordie – Colorist

  • Outlander: Lives in Canada

  • Opinion: I haven't seen much of his work in the past, but absolutely loved his colors in Turncoat and God Country, and feel like they show off a lot of his skill and range – these are 2 titles you should definitely check out

Jim Campbell – Letterer

  • Outlander: Hails from the United Kingdom

  • Multitalented: Also enjoys the art side of the creative world

  • Prolific: Has done lettering for a large number of hit titles

Adrian F. Wassel – Editor

  • Name Recognition: Is the CCO & Editor In Chief of Vault Comics, and plays the role of editor on most, if not all, of Vault's titles

  • Also runs Vault with his brother and father

  • Has personally helped other comics creators, like Eric Palicki, in their endeavors


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