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Writers: Austine Osas & Abiodun Awodele

Illustrator: Yusuf. T. Shittuh Publisher: Pedacomics

Under the Sun #1, cover, Peda Comics, Osas/Awodele/Shittuh


A political, minority- and terrorism-themed action comic that takes place in Africa.

There are a few too many facets of this comic to compare it directly to any one or two movies. It has political intrigue/a plot to overthrow the government, a minority populace in need of protection, and fits pretty snugly into the war/action genre.

For more insight into these issues, watch Spell of the Albino.


(Minor Spoilers)

In Africa, Persons With Albinism are hunted because people believe their bodies have mystical powers.

In "Under the Sun," many PWAs from Zamia found refuge in Kurume, a small island in the middle of Lake Tanganyika. It’s become a national sanctuary for them, their population now protected.

But when a massive coup by a shadowy organization takes control of Zamia by force, all bets are off for its PWA population...and Kurume’s.


  • Austine Osas and his team bring attention to a real-world issue that doesn't get any media time

  • Being American, you see people of color being mistreated by others just for having a different skin color – it's a strange and fascinating experience seeing a similar injustice in targeting people with a complete absence of pigment in their skin

  • Osas's rising action in this premiere issue does well to set up an epic and action-packed story

  • Yusuf. T. Shittuh's sketch-filled line art brings a rough edge and sense of unease to the environment, like a thrumming guitar string

  • Nsia Ndidi's colors are bright and vibrant, and it's a bonus seeing them in an indie comic medium where comics aren't always in color

  • Peter Chizoba Daniel's sound effect lettering is larger than life, and uses some really great textured fonts

  • There's some bonus backmatter that talks about organizations for People With Albinism for PWAs to reach out to

  • Under the Same Sun is a foundation that helps PWAs, and the title, Under the Sun, is a nice allusion to that while also bringing a sense of feeling the heat or being in a spotlight you don't necessarily want to be in

  • Peda Comics plans to distribute issues of the series in rural areas to help educate them on PWA issues

  • It's free!


  • Some missing punctuation can take grammar-minded readers out of the moment

  • Rather than narration, the background info could have been told through dialogue for exposition that feels more immersive and less like a history lesson

  • Colors can feel too bright and cheery for the subject matter, at times

  • Death and violence makes this probably not the best read for kids

Under the Sun #1, Peda Comics, Osas/Awodele/Shittuh


While underneath, it highlights an underrepresented human rights issue, Under the Sun also promises to be filled with action and suspense. A well-rounded comic, to be certain!


If you like the writing:

  • Dunamis by Salim Busuru

  • Virgil by Steve Orlando & JD Faith

  • Always & Forever by Abiodun Awodele

If you like the art:

  • Karmzah by Farida Bedwei

  • Lake of Tears by Kwabena Ofei & Setor Fiadzigbey

  • The Resurrected by Christian Carnouche & Crizam Zamora


Austine Osas – Writer, Creator, Editor

  • Was inspired to make this comic after seeing a friend with albinism being bullied

  • Outlander: Lives in Nigeria

  • Enjoys wiring sci-fi and fantasy

Abiodun Awodele – Writer

  • Also writes poetry and longform stories

  • Is a creative director at Ojuju Productions

Yusuf. T. Shittuh – Illustrator

  • Is active on Instagram as @yuzzyart

Nsia Ndidi – Colorist, Variant Cover Artist

  • Does not seem to have much of an online presence

Peter Chizoba Daniel – Art Director, Letterer, Editor

  • Founded Pedacomics

  • Multitalented: Is also the creator of the NEWBORNSAGA and AMAZING TEKKIDS comics


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