Cartoonist: Eddie Porter Publisher: Self-published

Stroper, issue #1, cover, Self-published, Porter

This review covers the first 4 issues of a 10-issue series. We don't get insight into the entire story arc, but we still get a pretty good idea of where it's going.


A retro-neo-noir (I know, it sounds crazy, but it works) about one man's revenge for wrongful imprisonment, and the events leading up to it.

It's like a limited-cast Firefly meets The Count of Monte Cristo, done in a Blade Runner tone, '80s color and hairstyles, and old-school computer graphics.


(Minor Spoilers)

A "stroper" is someone who illegally hunts and sells animal wildlife.

When the book opens, our hero is in jail, presumably for illegally hunting and selling wildlife. But his narration makes it sounds like he wasn't exactly put there fairly.

He tells us his name is Pak Booker, and he's going to break out of jail and get revenge on the captain who put him there.