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Cartoonist: Bridgit Connell

Publisher: Titan Comics

Brother Nash (tpb), cover, Titan Comics, Connell


Nash is a semi-haunted trucker with a heart of gold who may just be more than what he seems.

Part crime adventure, part buddy comedy and part fantasy, it's like American Gods meets Supernatural, but more grounded in Native American mythos.


(Minor Spoilers)

Nash is a trucker, just trying to do his job and be a good guy. Now, the thing about Nash is that he's in touch with the supernatural in ways normal people aren't. From visions of the spirits of people and animals long dead, to the haunted highways and byways of America, to...let's just say "other surprises," Nash has experience with otherworldly entities that puts him in the unique position of defending innocents and trying to turn evil-hearted people toward the side of good.

After he picks up a hitchhiker, a series of unfortunate events drags Nash and his friends into a suspenseful adventure where monsters, magic and the real world meet.

And, if I say anything more than that, I'm afraid I'll spoil the book for you!


  • Bridgit Connell has done something truly impressive here, creating a world and what feels like real, living characters and a whole graphic novel almost entirely on her own

  • As writer, artist (including sound effects) and colorist, her singular vision creates a more dynamic and immersive experience for readers and each of these aspects interact with each other in fun and different ways, even down to how the lettering tails duck behind characters

  • The story pulls from many different Native American backgrounds and languages and myths to create a vivid and fascinating read that places that cultural representation front and center without feeling harmful or disrespectful

  • Part of the comic's research came from a friend of hers who works for museums and had a giant library she could use for references

  • She worked with a friend of hers from Mexico and referenced several language books to make sure she got the translations just right for the comic

  • She also relied on the help of her sister for a scene where the characters use French

  • Connell's storytelling approach reads like that of a seasoned writer

  • Stylistically, her use of foreshadowing, character-building, action scenes set to a soundtrack are so well done, I couldn't believe this is the first comic she's written

  • Though it's not a comedy, there are so many funny and endearing parts of this comic that just make you fall in love with it

  • The dialogue is very natural and organic, something that can make or break a good story (at least, for me)

  • Because Bridgit created this over 5 years, it's really cool watching how she grows as a writer and artist over that time, developing and refining her skills

  • Art-wise, her facial expressions and sound effects were my favorite (you can see a little of this in the panels below)

  • She also seems to think cinematically about the vantage point for each panel, which creates an excellent viewing experience

  • The story is wide open for both prequels and sequels, which is great, because I didn't want to say goodbye to the characters!


  • The one thing that I think could've benefitted the comic is if the characters all wanted something beyond just solving their current situations throughout the comic

  • It's unclear what was driving each character outside of just the desire to get back to daily life...which, albeit, can be realistic for some people

  • It almost needed a setup like a game of Fiasco, where the characters are given objectives and relationships to each other (the latter of which is covered in this comic), and the story gets a specific object and location of significance

  • Some cursing and violence and dark themes may not make this the best choice for younger kids

Brother Nash (tpb), page 15, Titan Comics, Connell


If you're a fan of the gods-as-man popular sub-genre, this is the comic for you. It's fun, it's scary, it's suspenseful and wonderful. And it's all from the singular vision of cartoonist Bridgit Connell!


If you like the writing:

If you like the art:

  • Nia Griggs (from the African American Hero Anthology) by Carlton Hargro & Bridgit Connell

  • Southern Bastards, Vol. 1 by Jason Aaron & Jason Latour

  • No Mercy, Vol. 1 by Alex de Campi & Carla Speed McNeil


Bridgit Connell – Cartoonist

  • Multitalented: Wrote, illustrated and colored the comic over 5 years while working other jobs!

  • Just completed the artwork for the Drunks & Dragons podcast card game


The trade paperback of collected issues comes out Nov. 14th!

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