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Writer: Ben Kahn

Art: Bruno Hidalgo

Publisher: Scout Comics

Heavenly Blues (tpb), cover, Scout Comics, Kahn/Hidalgo


Heavenly Blues is a stylish, polished tale of a heavenly heist from a creative team with vision and talent that far surpasses what we often see in indie comics.

It's like a classic heist style film, like The Sting or Oceans 11, but within the realm of the afterlife.


(Minor Spoilers)

A couple of Hell's denizens get contracted to steal a mysterious object from Heaven. The two friends (or whatever you'd call the equivalent of friendship in Hell) hire other dead thieves to help them pull the ultimate heist.

While anyone who's seen a good heist story can guess that the way won't be easy for this team, the greatest barriers to pulling the whole thing off might be themselves. Because as you may guess by any soul condemned to Hell, these folks may have some demons of their own.

One thing I loved about the pacing of this story is that each issue covers a stage of the traditional heist process, with backstory exposition as the B-plot throughout:

Issue 1: The Players -- Setting the Scene

Issue 2: Getting the Band Together -- Team-Building

Issue 3: Flashbacks & Setbacks -- Nothing Worth Doing is Ever Easy

Issue 4: Pros & Cons -- The Final Heist Preparations

Issue 5: Trouble in Paradise -- Can They Really Pull This Off? And Is It Worth It?

Issue 6: The Heist -- Getting the Hell Outta Heaven

(That really belongs in the below section about what works, but it's a little lengthy, so I wanted to cover it up here.)


  • I loved the art -- it was thoughtful, cinematic, jagged and emotional (see an example below)

  • The pacing, especially for a heist story, was perfect and well balanced, like you'd expect from the genre

  • The heist itself isn't over too quickly, which can be in issue in these types of stories

  • Kahn's characterization is fantastic, representing unique, instantly likeable characters across history with different backgrounds, voices, sexual identities, ages and races

  • The world-building is rich and vibrant, and I hope we can revisit and explore it more in the future

  • The story's ending feels good and earned, and I will definitely miss these characters

  • You get the first issue free (as of Oct. 2018) from the Scout Comics Site


  • Because the pacing is so quick and so much of the fat has been trimmed from the story, we don't get as much resolution with the characters and what haunts them as we may want

  • I'd also have loved to see more of Heaven and Hell -- the parts we do get to see are really interesting

  • Cursing and crude language are a thing (I mean, a lot of the story does take place in Hell), so consider that before giving it to your kids to read, if that bothers you

Heavenly Blues (tpb), page 10, Scout Comics, Kahn/Hidalgo


If you like the crime and heist genres and are also a fan of Heaven and Hell as concepts, this is the perfect book for you. It's incredibly well-crafted and enjoyable as hell.


If you like the writing:

  • Once Upon A Time Machine, Vol. 2 by various creators

  • 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank, Vol. 1 by Matthew Rosenberg & Tyler Boss

  • Hellblazer, Vol. 1 by Delano, Veitch, Ridgway, Alcala & Mandrake

If you like the art:

  • Shaman, Vol. 1 by Ben Kahn & Bruno Hidalgo

  • The Umbrella Academy, Vol. 1 by Gerard Way & Gabriel Bá

  • Black Hammer, Vol. 1 by Jeff Lemire & Dean Ormston


Ben Kahn – Writer & Letters for Issues #2-6

  • Has also written for video games and webcomics

  • Dream Team: Also worked with Bruno Hidalgo on the comic, Shaman

  • Seems to enjoy the balance between humor and heartbreak

Bruno Hidalgo – Art & Colors

  • Outlander: Hails from Barcelona, Spain

  • As of July 2017, he had never met Ben Kahn (not sure if they've met since then!)

Kat Krow – Letters for Issue #1

  • I couldn't find any information on this person -- if you have any details, let me know!


Although I cover all 6 individual issues here, the trade paperback doesn't come out until December (of 2018, in case you're from the future). Until then, you can get the individual issues here.

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