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Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Looking for something new to read? Check out what's happening in the world of webtoons and webcomics this week with this list of new and returning releases you don't want to miss.

1. Time and Time Again by Deo I. (@deoidesign) on WEBTOON

The first WEBTOON Original from creator Deo I., Time and Time Again tells the tale of a rambunctious werewolf named Steve who suffers from a peculiar problem. You see, whenever a full moon arrives, Steve opens up a portal and finds himself falling through time without control or direction.

Luckily, he catches the attention of Adam, a straight-laced vampire who happens to be a secret agent specializing in the protection of time itself. Now, Adam and Steve must keep the timeline from unraveling around them (though neither of them are overly thrilled about it), all while dodging the never-ending stream of danger that follows.

This new release is action-packed and comedic, featuring both futuristic and historical locations, sassy leading men, and a whole lot of chaos. The first three episodes are available for free with another three available for fast pass!

2. The House of Lowther by K. Lynn Smith (@KLynnTweets) on WEBTOON

A previously Patreon-exclusive series from award-winning comic creator K. Lynn Smith, The House of Lowther is an eerie black and white supernatural drama set in the 1940s.

When Sawyer Ellis is offered a job at a mysterious rehab center, she assumes her new janitorial position will be a breeze. She quickly learns that the residents of the manor are anything but human, and the secrets within the walls of The House of Lowther will forever change her once typical life.

The series is currently being published on WEBTOON Canvas and promises smarmy humor, a charming cast, and suspenseful moments. Episode two was released this week, escalating Sawyer’s stress levels to an all-time high with a thrilling twist.

3. Counting Sheep by A. Rasen (@rasencomics)on WEBTOON

Counting Sheep is the next chilling series from the creator of the hit horror series GremoryLand. This horrifying and relentless new story is recommended for mature audiences.

When Caleb’s reoccurring nightmare begins to seep out into the real world, the horrors quickly spread to those closest to him. Horrific creatures and dangerous bouts of sleepwalking grip tight to the citizens of Blackgrove, turning the once peaceful town into a dangerous place to lay one’s head.

With cinematic pacing and eerie artwork, Counting Sheep is the kind of nightmare that sticks with you long after you close the app. It's a must for horror and thrillers fans. The first three episodes are available now, with three more available on fast pass. This new WEBTOON Original will have you on the edge of your seat from moment one.

4. Of Dark Lords and Cabbages by Liyanya (@Liyanya_) on WEBTOON

A colorful urban fantasy, Of Dark Lords and Cabbages is filled with heroes, villains, epic magic, exciting action, and romance that defies the odds. A spellbinding coming-of-age story that blends slice-of-life with fantasy, ODLAC is as captivating as it is comedic and touching.

Gendry Tenebris is in a long-term relationship with his childhood best friend, Seyren Longhao and they are madly in love. There are only two tiny problems with their relationship; they still haven't kissed and Gen happens to be a Dark Lord in training despised by everyone he meets. Worse still, Seyren is a heroborn on the side of justice. He's beloved by all and everyone around them expects the loud-mouthed hero to topple the prince's regime before it can even come to fruition.

This anime-influenced webcomic features great laughs, colorful illustrations, and exceptional world-building. ODLAC's brilliant mixture of genres, striking illustrations, and moving narrative will quickly become your next addiction. The midseason finale just dropped (and it's amazing!) so now is the perfect time to start this WEBTOON Original!

5. Witch of Winteria by Vanella (@itsvanella) on WEBTOON/Tapas

A charming and magical series currently available on WEBTOON Canvas and Tapas, this colorful tale of witches and fantasy is creator Vanella's first webcomic series!

Witch of Winteria follows Abigail as she journeys to the city of Winteria on a quest to fulfill her dream of becoming a witcher. The only issue is that she’s heavily cursed and has no idea how to rid herself of what ails her!

The series is still in its initial stages, but promises a spellbinding tale and a wonderful girls' love romance in the coming episodes. The striking pastel palette and whimsical atmosphere is both eye-catching and cozy. This webcomic updates irregularly, so it’s definitely worth bookmarking so you don’t miss an update! This is a great opportunity to watch a young creator grow their craft and support her journey in the process.


After a ten month hiatus, the hit M-rated boys' love webtoon* Fate Makes No Mistakes has returned with explosive season three premier! The opening episode picks up right where things left off, so this is a great time to either start the series or re-read it from the beginning. Episodes 1 and 2 are free and episodes 3-10 are currently discounted to one coin each!

Though more of a niche title, the series has garnered a dedicated following and is a perfect read for fans of supernatural (mature) romance and slow burns. Filled with goblins, grim reapers, and otherworldly themes, this dark, seductive tale of defying death is both beautiful to look at and gripping to read.

*webtoon is the term used for scrolling digital comics from South Korea, not to be confused with WEBTOON, the app.


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