Thor's New Look Unveiled

The latest Thor movie is due to drop in 2022, and a recent photograph has highlighted a cool new costume for our favorite Norse god.

Thor: Love and Thunder will pick up the story of Thor after the events of Endgame, and will see a very different character, played by Chris Hemsworth. "In the 2019 epic, Thor’s failure to defeat Thanos saw him retreat to a small village, get fat and play video games," according to Collider's story, "‘Avengers: Endgame’: In Defense of Fat Thor." If the recent photographs from the set of the upcoming film are anything to go by, we’re going to see that downward spiral reversed. Which you would expect, otherwise it might not be the best film in the series for action fans, Thor just sitting about at home, playing video games! One set of photographs revealed by Den of Geek sees Hemsworth sporting some very eighties-themed workout gear, suggesting a regime focused on getting him back in shape to protect the world. That is not the aspect Comic Book Yeti readers will be fascinated by though. Instead, we are sure you'll be eager to see his proper action attire!