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The Cabinet #2 Preview

We are excited to bring you another preview from Image Comics — be sure to swing by your favorite LCS and add it to your pull list!


Writer - Jordan Hart & David Ebeltoft Artist/Colorist - Chiara Raimondi Letter - Jordan Hart

Avani and Trent use their mystical cabinet to rummage around Pyramiden, a remote Soviet coal-mining town, in search of a lost relic. Unfortunately, the villainous and cult-like Blackguards have sent a nefarious agent, harboring a dark past and even darker secret, to Pyramiden for the same purpose...

"The Cabinet is a subversive tale, zigging when you would bet the house on a zag. It's a genre-bending story that takes a slice-of-life comic and blends it with science fiction and high fantasy. All that to say, it's peak comics." —


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