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The Big 5 Influences for EYE HAND VOICE

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Hello, thanks for coming by.

I'm James L. Sarandis, one half of the team with Nick Valente, making the comic Eye Hand Voice. What is Eye Hand Voice? Here is a little breakdown:

Sparta City has become unstuck in time and space. To deal with the ever-changing threats to the city, the police department created a unique task force called the Peril Patrol, composed of a floating flaming eye, a size-changing flying hand, and a private eye in an invisible suit, to handle the supernatural, extraterrestrial, and the just plain weird.

Now, if you are curious about the tone of the series, here are 5 different pieces of media that have influenced us, inspired us, reminded us of EHV, or all of the above.

1. Ghostbusters

I haven't met a Ghostbusters series or movie I haven't enjoyed on some level. I love the idea that science and the paranormal/magic aren't mutually exclusive. I like the blue-collar nature of it, that the Ghostbusters are providing a service, albeit a fantastical one.

2. Constantine (2005)

It's kind of funny there seems to be a bit of a renaissance happening around this movie, in part due to the love surrounding Keanu Reeves at the moment, but it’s always had a soft spot in my heart. Though I'm sure in part it's because I watched it before ever reading Hellblazer. But that said, they do have very different vibes. While the comic version is a conman trying to do right and outsmart the demons, the movie is much more straight forward action movie though. Constantine gathers the tools and knowledge to bash demons’ faces like a supernatural John Wick. Also, Peter Stormare is magnificent in his role in this movie, he will definitely be an influence for one of our future villains.

3. Supernatural

My focus here is going to be Season 5, my favorite season and I largely dropped off after that. Now, if you watched this and the above movie you will notice there are some similarities between them, but there are two big differences. Firstly, Supernatural has the space to bounce about in tone having occasional lighter and funnier episodes and the darker more somber ones. Secondly, it's the motivation; while movie Constantine is focused on his own self interest, in Supernatural while it started in a place of revenge a large part of it is that they don't want others to suffer the way they have suffered and will push for victory despite their inadequacies and the sometime literal hell they have been through.

4. DC's Legends of Tomorrow

I adored this series, though I will give the caveat if you want to watch it skip most of Season 1, maybe just watch the season finale. The great thing about this show is because its first season was so mediocre they tried to kill the series so it became absolutely fearless because it had nothing to lose. It was unabashedly queer, unashamedly weird, and happily embraced that the characters were lovable losers trying their best and screwing up often. It was a joy to watch and we really hope to capture that energy in our series.

5. Knives Out (and Glass Onion)

EHV is noir, but noir through the lens of the '90s films and series that referenced it.

I do love mysteries, but the thing I love about the Knives Out movies is that it is less concerned about keeping the mystery a secret until the big reveal but rather making you care about the characters involved and how they will navigate the perilous situation they are in.


Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you will be up for taking a gander at Eye Hand Voice by Nick Valente, Adam Wollet, Dinko and Damir Kundalic and myself. Here's a sneak peek, just for you:

Find more Eye Hand Voice on:

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