Sweet Dreams are Made of Bees – An Interview with CHRISTOPHER SEBELA about FOULBROOD

Christopher Sebela, writer of many fantastic comic books like High Crimes, Test, Crowded, and Shanghai Red enters the Yeti Cave to chat with Jimmy Gaspero about his newest Kickstarter, Foulbrood, along with Dirtbag Rapture and .Self.

COMIC BOOK YETI: Christopher, thank you so much for joining me here in the Yeti Cave to discuss FOULBROOD, currently on Kickstarter. You also are the writer for the recently released Dirtbag Rapture at Oni Press and .Self, a ComiXology Original. First and foremost, how have you been doing, and how is Zola?

Foulbrood, issue #1, cover, Sebela/Roe/Jones/Otsmane-Elhaou

CHRISTOPHER SEBELA: She’s doing great. She has a perfect life of endless naps, food that always shows up, and a human who is easily manipulated. I’m doing good. I definitely thought this year was going to be better and it wound up feeling like 2020 part 2 a lot of the time and wasn’t great for my brain, but I managed to get my mental fridge cleaned out and [I'm] finally unleashing a bunch of new books into the world is really invigorating and has helped get me re-excited about making new books and coming up with new ideas.