Writer: Vita Ayala Art: Lisa Sterle Publisher: Vault Comics

Submerged (tpb), cover, Vault Comics, Ayala/Sterle
Submerged (tpb), cover, Vault Comics, Ayala/Sterle, cover art by Jen Bartel & Triona Farrell


A sort-of updated tale of Orpheus and Eurydice or the "spiritual journey" genre.

In this version, however, the main character descends into the New York City subway system.


(Minor Spoilers)

Elysia goes looking for her brother, after he leaves a mysterious voicemail message on her phone. He doesn't sound like the macho guy persona he normally tries to put on. He sounds...scared. Her search leads her to the New York City subway system, underground, on the night of. the biggest storm in NYC history.

Because the hurricane is supposed to hit at any moment, she’s stuck down there until it's passed. One problem? They're expecting flooding...

This odyssey will take her on a strange and dark adventure in her search. But even in the depths of the subway, Elysia never would have guessed what she'd encounter.

Can she find and rescue her brother before the entire subway floods? Or will they be trapped there forever, submerged beneath the rising underground tide?