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"Steal a Spaceship. Cause Chaos." - An Interview with EDDIE KLINKER about Space Pilots

We are rolling into February and keeping those Cryptid-Bits coming. First up, Jimmy sits down with Eddie Klinker to discuss Space Pilots. There are only 3 DAYS LEFT to back this already funded campaign and get yourself a comic that is a "fast-paced, fun-filled speeder heist". See what Eddie had to say about making this comic, his fellow collaborators, and what inspires him to create.


COMIC BOOK YETI: Welcome to the Yeti Cave, Eddie, for another Cryptid-Bits. You were kind enough to join me to talk about Space Pilots, which is on Kickstarter until February 4th. Can you tell CBY readers what Space Pilots is all about?

Cover A art by Briane Andan letters/logo by Micah Myers

EDDIE KLINKER: Space Pilots is a story born from the burnout I was feeling at a previous day job I was working. It’s about two friends, looking for more in life, who join up to work in the Earth Space Mining Corps in hopes to explore new reaches of space. They soon realize that it’s just like any other job pressed under the thumb of a jerk boss. So what do they do? Steal a spaceship. Cause chaos.

CBY: Great premise! What are some of the stories that influenced you and co-creator Briane Andan to make Space Pilots?

EK: When I’m writing a script I usually like to try and ingest similar works at the same time, whether that’s comics, novels, or television. So I read a lot of Guardians of the Galaxy, mainly Al Ewing’s run. Watched The Expanse and referenced a lot of Voltron. Another major influence was actually Daft Punk, I had their albums Random Access Memories & Discovery playing at all times.

CBY: Oh, I loved The Expanse. In addition to Briane, you are working with letterer Micah Myers and editor Christa Harader. Can you talk to me about all of your collaborators and what they bring to the project that makes your collaboration successful?

EK: I’ve had the pleasure of working with Christa on this project and a few other ones in the works. I can confidently say that without them this story would not be what it is. They have an incredible eye for story and for characters. They can look at my script and understand what I might be trying to convey and help me find a better and more effective way to say it. And working with Micah was a dream. This was my first comic lettering collaboration with him and I know now why so many publishers want to work with him. His technique, his professionalism, and the way he adapts to the story’s theme is unmatched. I never could have imagined my script would lead to a book like this and I have Briane, Micah, & Christa to thank for that.

CBY: Is there a comic (single issue, trade, or OGN) that made you feel the way you hope readers of Space Pilots will feel after reading it?

EK: When reading Al Ewing’s Guardians of the Galaxy I felt a great joy to read something that just felt “fun”. While they had very emotional and impactful moments, at the heart of it I felt like he was writing a genuinely fun story and that’s how I hope readers feel when they read Space Pilots. There is room for more hard-hitting, serious moments to be had in the Space Pilots universe, but at the core of it, it's about reading a comic and having fun.

CBY: What’s your comic creator origin story, meaning when did you first get into comics and what was it that made you want to create comics?

EK: I’ve been into comics since I was a freshman in high school. It was after soccer practice and an older classmate teammate of mine who lived near me had a car and offered to drive me home but we had to stop at the comic shop first. I had some Batman comics when I was a kid but it was that day at the comic shop when I got seriously into them. I didn’t start writing until about 7-8 years ago after moving to Chicago and doing comedy. I began writing sketches for the stage and videos. Then I got my hands on Brian Bendis’ Daredevil collected graphic novel and in the back it had his script for one of the issues. It was my first time seeing a comic script and I thought, “I want to do that!” and here we are.

CBY: Space Pilots is described as a fast-paced, fun-filled speeder heist. I think everyone loves a good heist story, at least I do. For you though, what are the essential elements of a good heist story?

EK: I think you have to root for the ones pulling the heist, so having compelling and fun characters to get behind. And on the flip side you gotta hate the person that is being “heisted” (is that a word?) And I don’t think a heist story is complete without hi-jinx. You gotta have hi-jinx.

CBY: Did you do any research about what it might be like to actually work in space or mining in space in the future and , if so, what’s the most surprising thing you learned?

EK: I did! I went down a rabbit hole about asteroid mining and how that will be a very real thing in the next few years. The most surprising thing I learned though was also the most depressing in that we are pushing to mine asteroids because we are running out of resources here. Soooo, to space we go!

CBY: Are there any other projects you are working on or that CBY readers should check out?

EK: I have a short sci-fi romance story that I wrote for my wife in an upcoming anthology with artist Fend Hamilton which I’m very excited about. Then I have a mini-series pitch I’m working on with Christa once again editing (they can’t get rid of me). It’s Dexter meets What We Do In The Shadows meets campy 80’s horror movies. So lot’s of exciting things!

CBY: What are the comics, books, tv shows, and/or movies that you are currently enjoying?

EK: I was given the Hellboy omnibus this year and I’ve been loving reading that for the first time. Not sure why it’s taken me so long but it’s a ton of fun. Lobster Johnson fan for life! I also love what the indie comics community is doing on crowdfunding right now. I love reading those stories because for the most part you can feel the effort, passion, and excitement that went into it.

Cover B art by Daimon Hampton, letters/logo by Micah Myers

CBY: Where can you be found online?

EK: You can follow me on Twitter @EddieKlink where I’m the most active. You might see me posting a lot about the Green Bay Packers because I grew up in Wisconsin, but just ignore those if you’re uninterested. I’m just venting.

CBY: Thank you so much, Eddie, for joining me today and good luck with the rest of the campaign.


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