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Cartoonist: Marc Jackson

Publisher: Self-Published (Weirdo Comics)

Spookids, issue #1, cover, self-published, Marc Jackson
Spookids, issue #1, cover, self-published, Marc Jackson


A 1980s child adventure/horror that's akin to Scooby-Doo that the whole family will love.

Nothing like a few friends going out on mysteries!


(Minor Spoilers)

One night, Eric tests his newest invention, the Brain-hat, on his friend, Bud. But, things seem to go wrong, thus bringing all types of weird things to their town.

When watching the news, Eric learns of something "weird" happening in their local woods. Eric and Bud join together with Bud's sister, Nellie, to investigate.

What kind of unspeakable horrors will they find in the woods? Only reading the issue will let you find out!


  • Spookids #1 has a cover, so yes I'll type about it! It may not seem like it, but it perfectly explains the comic you are about to open. Even the flashlight is directing you were to open the page.

  • One of the first things you'll notice is how simple, almost minimalist, Jackson's art is. Neither of those words is meant to offend, as Jackson's art is perfect for the type of storytelling he is going for.

  • I love the loose anatomy he uses, especially the "noodle arms." His distinct art is something any adult will love reading by themselves, and kids will equally adore if read to (or alone).

  • If you enjoy comparisons, I'd easily say his art is a mix between Kyle Baker & Dav Pilkey. Yet, Jackson has a singular thing he does vastly different sets him apart drastically: colors.

  • Jackson uses only four colors: Black, white, teal, and orange. Although that may seem "limited," it never is. His usage of the colors on each panel is smart, easily visible, and gorgeous. Styles like such aren't seen often, but Jackson does it justice.

  • Each visual element in Spookids #1 helps younger kids read the story by themselves. Jackson's pages only contain two-panel styles. For the "part one/two" first page intros, he uses a full page. Then, for every other page, he uses a 3-panel structure. This structure makes it easy to read and keeps a great pace, all while keeping the story fun.

  • Another fun aspect is his lettering. There are a few times he throws the rulebook out the window and does whatever he wants with lettering. Sometimes there's a word bubble, others not. Sometimes small, others not. You get the point. Nonetheless, this freedom works wonders for the fun factor. The same can be said about the sound effects.

  • Nothing is groundbreaking, revolutionary, or never seen before in the story, yet it seems Jackson is never going for that. Instead, he is going for a family-friendly story an adult can read for a kid or themselves. He achieves this with great pacing, fun ideas, great characters, a fun world, and a promise of spooks to come.

  • Has a great '80s child adventure/horror vibe to it. It completely reminded me of Scooby-Doo, even the name does!

  • Feels light-hearted, and just wholesome in every aspect. I've been wanting to read a feel-good comic lately and this hits that mark.

  • Jackson knows how to write a damn cliffhanger! The wait for more information about the new addition will kill me until the next issue drops!

  • Memorable Quote: "Dude, seriously. This thing you've got for Bea Arthur is all kinds of weird. You've gotta stop saying this stuff out loud." – Nellie. Spookids #1 has some great quotable moments, but that one threw me off guard and got a great chuckle from me.


  • Honestly, the only thing that "doesn't work" is if you aren't a fan of fun. If you don't enjoy having a good time, then you won't like Spookids #1. But between you and me, it's hard not to have fun with such a joy-filled first issue! So, relax a little and read it for you or your kids!

Spookids, issue #1, page 1, self-published, Marc Jackson
Spookids, issue #1, page 1, self-published, Marc Jackson


As I said, it's fun! Each page is filled with such childlike wonder, fun, feel-good moments, wholesomeness, and family-friendly moments that if you need something to cleanse your palate of all those violent comics, then grab it! Or, if you just enjoy light-hearted adventures that'll remind you of Scooby-Doo and other shows in that vein, then you should pick up Spookids #1.

Spookids #1 is a comic you'll see yourself rereading when you're feeling a little down.


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