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Scott Snyder to Pen New Comic Series By a Thread with His Son

By a Thread will be Released Digitally First from Comixology Originals

Scott Snyder recently announced that he extended his deal with Comixology Originals. Today, Comixology Originals and Best Jackett Press are pleased to announce By a Thread, the first book under this continued relationship with Amazon’s exclusive digital content line.

By a Thread will be co-written by Scott Snyder and his son, Jack. This is their first collaboration and will be Jack's writing debut. The series will be drawn by artist Valeria Favoccia (Beatrix Rose: Vigilante) and colored by Whitney Cogar (Giant Days). By a Thread is a post-apocalyptic adventure about kids surviving in a future after a mysterious and deadly infection spreads across the Earth, making the very ground we tread on untouchable…

The announcement coincides with Snyder's appearance at the Thought Bubble Comic Convention taking place this weekend at Harrogate, where Comixology is a proud sponsor of the convention. Look for them in Comixology Hall.

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