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Chris Mancini pens a love letter to the action, comedy, and buddy movies of the 1980s, and more!

At last, buddy movies and martial arts are hand in hand! White Cat Entertainment is proud to announce the return of dynamic duo Chris Mancini (Long Ago and Far Away) with art by Fernando Pinto (TMNT, Fraggle Rock) with their upcoming 188-page softcover OGN,Rise of the Kung Fu Dragon Master!

Rick, a small-time crook in Los Angeles, accidentally acquires the power of the dragon and gets mixed up in an ancient mystical battle between good and evil that’s been fought since the days of ancient China. It’s an epic martial arts saga filled with action, magic, poor decisions, dragons, and surly baristas.

“I grew up on 80s movies, arcades, and Black Belt Theater. I thought of everything I loved watching as a kid, and wanted to recreate in a graphic novel the joy and wonder I always felt when watching a classic martial arts movie with meticulously placed sound effects,” said Chris Mancini. “From The 36th Chamber of the Shaolin to Big trouble in Little China, I watched them all. I loved everything about them from the epic martial arts fights to the code of honor when defending your school. I also loved watching a disciple receive a disapproving glare from his master as he carries buckets of water up and down a mountain. Yeah, good times—

I got to work with an amazing team, including artist Fernando Pinto and letterers Troy Peteri and Dave Lanphear. It was also a dream come true to work with comics legend Brian Augustyn who edited the book and wrote the foreword. Brian sadly passed away soon after the book was completed and I will always remember fondly the all too brief time we spent working together.”

Decades in the entertainment industry, Chris Mancini is a writer, comedian, filmmaker, podcaster and parent, with published works Pacify Me: A Handbook for the Freaked Out New Dad from Simon and Schuster, The Comedy Film Nerds Guide to Movies from Morgan James. He has written and directed award winning short films, a horror/comedy feature film (Asylum) for Lionsgate, and was a writer and producer on Ear Buds: The Podcasting Documentary for Comedy Dynamics. A tenured podcaster and a founder of LA Podfest, Chris Mancini is also the creator/host of What Are You Watching?, Conversations From the Abyss, and The Quiet Journeys of Professor Atwood.

Rise of the Kung Fu Dragon Masterdrops March 15—pre-order now through Amazon or direct from

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