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Cartoonist: Mariah Currey


Rainy Day Dreams is a supernatural drama with a heavy anime/manga influence. It seems to be part of not just a mini-series, but the first of several larger books (like most manga are.)


(Minor Spoilers)

Tristin is a 17-year-old girl who, after hearing the legend of an ancient artifact called the Orb of Ages, seeks out the legendary tree to uncover it. And she does!

There’s only one problem. A monster woman named Mara from another world intervenes, stopping her from claiming her prize. Now, Tristin’s been captured and taken to a different world for her crime.

Lost in a different world full of monsters and mysteries, Tristin must try to get ahold of the Orb and, most importantly, find a way home…if there is one.


  • Tristin is a believable teenager. The dialogue/her reaction to things, I bought in that she was a child. Sometimes, especially with stories like this, writers miss that.

  • I like the world-building going on. It isn’t too aggressive, but it is definitely ambitious. It’s a fascinating bit of lore established early on.

  • Mara makes for an interesting counter to Tristin. Mara is more quiet, reserved, while Tristin is a bit louder. I like the dynamic, even though it’s brief in this issue.

  • It’s funny. There’s definitely some good bits in here that got a strong reaction from me.


  • The lettering is a weak spot. Lettering really is an art form all on its own, and I think that’s the biggest gap here.

  • The art gets really inconsistent the last five or so pages. It just looks like off compared to the rest of the book.

  • This book is very slowly paced. Here’s the thing about that, though: most manga is. That’s why manga is sold in fat books and western comics are sold in 20-24 page chapters. So, I think I’m just not the right audience for this, or maybe it would read better altogether than in just this chapter. I’m not sure!


Rainy Day Dreams, Book 1, Chapter 1, Page 1, Mariah Currey

I think Tristin is an easily investable character. She’s got the feel of an innocent kid, and putting her into this vast new place with ambitious worldbuilding is a really exciting concept. I think the relationship with her and Mara has a lot of promise too, something that I think is going to only get more interesting as it rolls forward.

Secondly, I really think the book is pretty funny. From cat ninjas to accidentally winning fights, the book has a lot of lighthearted moments that made it a joy to read.

Basically, I think if you like manga, intensely character-driven dramas, and supernatural style plots, Rainy Day Dreams is for you. It’s got some really fascinating lore, some interesting characters, and the book is pretty ambitious. There’s a lot of promise here to take the leap and read.


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