Writer: Jacques Mathis & Sylvain Dorange

Illustrator: Sylvain Dorange

Publisher: Humanoids

Psychotic, Cover by Sylvain Dorange, Humanoids, Mathis/Dorange


Psychotic is an autobiographical graphic novel recounting the buildup, treatment, and afterword of the author's battle with psychosis.

Reflecting on psychosis and institutionalization in a psych word, the story is a grounded version of Girl, Interrupted and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.


(Minor Spoilers)

Frenchman Jacques Mathis lives with mental illness. After suffering from a psychotic break at the tender age of 14, Jacques experienced worsening bouts of psychosis and hyperfixations as he aged. Eventually, psychiatric hospital institutionalizations and medication proved necessary for Jacques' well-being.

Jacques tells his story in dual narratives. In the present day, he wanders through France and Europe, on a mission to break off his current relationship and finish the graphic novel chronicling his life. Flashback vignettes track different stages in his journey with his mental illness. Childhood experiences, his psychiatric hospital stays, and the people he encountered all profoundly impacted Jacques. Each experience and person intertwines in unexpected ways during this autobiographical tale.