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PriceCharting provides price trends and sales history for all major collectibles: comics, video games, sports cards, Pokemon cards, and more. Look up pricing or track your own collection for free at

PriceCharting recently announced that it has expanded its industry-leading collectible pricing tools to a new collectible: Comics. PriceCharting has also launched a Search-By-Photo feature that allows users to snap a picture of their comic book and instantly receive pricing information about that specific issue. These collector tools are free to any visitor.

PriceCharting’s price guides integrate sales data from online marketplaces and auctions to

give collectors insightful data to help buy and sell collectibles and catalog their own

collections. Started a decade ago as a price guide for retro video games, PriceCharting has

expanded its technology to many other collectibles in recent years: comics, video games,

sports cards, Pokemon cards, and more.

See market prices over time.

You can also see the comic's sales history.

The new Comics site catalogs prices for tens of thousands of comic books, and includes

pricing for the raw book as well as the major CGC grades. PriceCharting has integrated with

CGC to provide free population reports for each graded book. Data for comic book variant

covers are also included in the site. PriceCharting has leveraged its proprietary data

technology to provide industry-leading pricing accuracy with prices that update each day.

Search by photo

Most notably, the free Search-By-Photo feature uses cutting-edge technology to let users

snap a photo of a card or comic and instantly see its current price, historical sales, and

other relevant market data points. This feature is the first of its kind in any of these

collectible industries, and is frequently used by collectors, resellers, garage sales, and even

non-collectors who are simply hoping to understand what their old box of collectible items is



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