Writer: Callum Fraser

Art and Colors: Emiliano Correa

Publisher: Grym

Peace of Mind, issue #1, cover, Grym, Fraser/Correa/Jones


A cyberpunk sci-fi series that has a splash of horror and is set in a bleak, futuristic Earth ca. 3000.

With wholly immersive and transportive virtual reality technology playing a central role, it is reminiscent of The Matrix, Blade Runner and eXistenZ. The tone is hopeful, suggesting that these will be the outcast, underdog heroes to bring justice to the world.


(Minor Spoilers)

In a techno-dystopian future run by corporations, three sewer-dwelling rebels discover a VR addict who, with a nest of braid-like chords still attached to her scalp, has been drained of credits and left for dead. Instead of reviving her, though, they hook her up to an outdated, off-network device through which she somehow manages to bring online. This reveals their location, and they are forced to flee into dangers they’d been avoiding.

This all begins underground in what appears to be an extensive catacomb-like sewer system, where the trio of rebels have presumably been eking out an existence. For them, though, such a life below is preferable to one above, where the world is controlled by draconian corporations who revel in excess and exploit the poor.

Although wildly different from our present-day world, this vision of the future isn’t too hard to imagine and offers a commentary on the current state of corporations and the need for regulation. For instance, VR technology could easily evolve into a neuro-orgasmic experience that hooks users like heroin, if we aren’t careful. While most obviously a cautionary possible future, it also paints a picture of humanity’s resilience.