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Allentown, PA / Norwich, England (October 3rd, 2020)

TOMB OF THE RED HORSE, The frenetic, pulse-pounding follow-up to last year’s successful Tomb of the White Horse Kickstarter launched at midnight, 2nd of October and garnered 63% of its funding by the end of the first day!

This tale of an American apocalypse is written by Ian Mondrick and illustrated by Benjamin AE Filby, with colors by Dearbhla Kelly & lettered by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, with Claire Napier on edits and Kim Myatt as cover artist. 

War rises. America falls. As the wreckage of Air Force One burns, the city of Las Vegas is torn asunder by its own. The President’s child journeys underground to find his father, but unknowingly draws closer to the TOMB OF THE RED HORSE.

"Ian's writing always taps into something below the surface, it navigates past all distractions and goes straight for an emotional impact: grief, pain, and primal fear. 

Through my artwork and collaboration with the stellar team we've assembled, I endeavour to have TOMB OF THE RED HORSE tear through the pages, grab our readers, and drag them into a world of terror." 

- Benjamin Æ Filby (Artist and co-creator)

“The TOMB series is the story of an American apocalypse, and RED HORSE drills down into the turmoil of our divided population. Benjamin’s art deftly captures the subtle nuance of our characters’ emotions, and commands your attention when he’s bringing larger-than-life chaos to the page." -Ian Mondrick, (writer and co-creator)

Synopsis: Something evil pulses below the streets of Sin City. After an explosive tragedy, the President’s only son ventures into the abandoned tunnel system, called by the distant voice of his father. His bodyguard, a sort of surrogate father for the child, follows him into a beating heart of greed & power. Another Tomb is revealed, another cataclysm is brokered. As our characters will all soon understand, the only thing more terrifying than what lies inside THE TOMB, are the lengths someone would go to open it.  

"Horror is a language and Tomb of the White Horse speaks it with grace, fluency, and disturbing imagination."

- Lonnie Nadler (Black Stars Above, The Dregs, X-Men)

"Tomb of the White Horse impresses with tight storytelling, skilled and suspenseful line art, and a clear creative vision everyone on the team is simpatico in working toward."

-Matt Ligeti (

TOMB OF THE RED HORSE will run on Kickstarter until MIDNIGHT on HALLOWEEN (est). Physical & digital catch up copies are available for anyone who missed the first installment, TOMB OF THE WHITE HORSE. There are limited quantities of original sketches from artist Benjamin AE Filby as well as some of his original RED HORSE pages. (Script edits by writer Ian Mondrick are also available). 

To quickly find TOMB OF THE RED HORSE on Kickstarter, visit the link TOMBCOMIC.COM

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