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New News: Sink down to the Depths of Horror with SEA OF SORROWS

From the creative team behind last year's hit horror series, Road of Bones, comes an all-new tale of terror.

Feb. 13th, 2020, (Cottage Grove, OR.) — This spring from IDW Publishing, plunge headfirst into the icy waters of dread with another historic tale of terror from writer Rich Douek and artist Alex Cormack, with the all-new five-issue miniseries, Sea of Sorrows! This blend of horror, folklore, and history will be sure to have you sinking into the mystery of the vast waters. In the aftermath of the Great War, the North Atlantic is ripe for plunder by independent salvage crews. When a former naval officer hires the SS Vagabond, he leads the ship to a sunken U-boat, and a fortune in gold. Tensions mount as the crew prepares to double-cross each other, but the darkness of the ocean floor holds deeper terrors than any of them have bargained for!

“One thing that was always on my mind while writing Road of Bones was how we have this whole tradition of horror — sitting around a campfire, telling stories, trying to scare each other,” said Rich Douek. “And yet, you can go back to any time period, in any place, and find very real and horrific things people have done. Putting these supernatural and historic horror elements side by side in Sea of Sorrows lets us offer up a brand new tale that will take things in some crazy and unexpected directions."

“The ocean is a horrifying and mysterious place,” said Alex Cormack. “And Sea of Sorrows reveals the isolation and horror of being in an alien world on our own planet, facing threats that should be impossible chasing you through an inescapable setting. With the character designs and especially the story, this would be a book I’d draw just for myself. Rich is a talented writer and great collaborator. I’m happy to be along for the ride!” Seek the horror just below the surface. Sea of Sorrows by Rich Douek and Alex Cormack is slated for release May 20th. Retailer Incentive Cover by Katie Sawatsky. Colors by Alex Cormack, letters by Justin Birch. Both Rich and Alex will be attending C2E2 in Chicago, IL, Feb. 27-29th. For additional interviews and press queries, please contact Don’t Hide PR Publicity Director, Melissa Meszaros.

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