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Mark London's UNDERWORLD

Celebrated writer Mark London brings worldbuilding to new heights with three new series, beginning with REVOLUTION 9

Immerse yourself in the Underworld, where covert ops, clandestine activities, and shadowy figures reign supreme! 

Independent comic book publisher Mad Cave Studios is thrilled to announce the exciting new project by CEO and acclaimed author, Mark London (Battlecats, Hunt.Kill.Repeat., Honor & Curse), featuring a shared universe known as the UNDERWORLD, united by common themes of secrecy, intrigue, and danger.


Three new miniseries will launch in Fall 2024, each penned by London: REVOLUTION 9 in September, HOUR OF THE WOLF in October, and EXIT CITY in November. Each of these four-issue titles can be savored as a standalone serial—unique in aesthetic, characterization, and setting—while weaving an intricate web that subtly binds the three series together. These interconnected strands will then pull together in ENDLESS NIGHT, the must-read crossover scheduled for Summer 2025!


"The Underworld line is an homage to Mad Cave Studios' humble beginnings,” said Mark London. “Ten years ago, I remember pouring my soul into creating IPs that would kick-start our little publisher—everything from assassins to detectives, hunters to slayers, all going against impossible odds. I’m excited to build towards the Endless Night crossover, a grand design that will push the boundaries of this universe, taking readers on an unforgettable journey through darkness and redemption." 

Make your first descent into the Underworld this September with Revolution 9, a futuristic action thriller akin to Black Widow and Wanted. Written by Mark London, illustrated by Carlos Reno (Legend of Oz: The Wicked West), with colors by Jao Canola, and letters by Dave Sharpe.


After years as an assassin for the Order of Nine—an ancient order dating back almost 3,000 years—Velveteen has turned her back on the very organization that saved her. Tasked with the murder of otherwise innocent hacker Jasper Dean, she sets off to save his life and discover the terrible secret that marked him for death. With the entire Order after them, Velveteen and Jasper must escape their grasp and prevent them from toppling society as we know it.Revolution 9 #1 Cover A by Rossi Gifford, Cover B by Raymund Bermudez and Sebastian Cheng.

"As soon as I laid eyes on Mark's script, what most motivated me to immediately start scribbling the layouts was the idea that everything would play out like a 90s action movie, with a fierce and deep protagonist, something that would easily be in the hands of Luc Besson, John Woo, or Antoine Fuqua," said artist Carlos Reno. "It's my first time working with Mad Cave, and I'm feeling right at home. I hope everyone can see in the drawings how much fun I'm having!"

“We’re so proud of the entire team," said publisher and editor of the Underworld universe, Chris Fernandez. "We knew this was no easy feat, but being able to kick things off on Revolution 9 with Carlos Reno, Jao Canola, and Dave Sharpe really sets the tone for the rest of what Underworld will look like. We really can’t thank them enough for their efforts and patience! Underworld is really a new approach for Mad Cave as a company, and yet is something we’ve always had our minds set on. While each standalone book will captivate fans with their own unique storytelling and art styles, there are elements in each that will tie together wonderfully to set up 2025’s Endless Night crossover series. And after Endless Night, well… the sky's the limit!”

"Revolution 9 delves deep into the murky world of secrets and shadows,” Mark London added. "It’s a thrilling exploration of personal transformation and of fighting for what is right, promising an exhilarating ride for the audience."

Stay tuned to Mad Cave’s social media for exciting updates about the October and November entries into the Underworld universe—the time-traveling horror/action tale Hour of The Wolf  and the hardboiled sci-fi detective yarn Exit City.

In the Underworld, alliances will be tested and long-buried secrets will be revealed… Don’t miss the edge-of-your-seat thrills with the debut title, Revolution 9 #1, set for release in comic shops on Sept. 25th.

Get the latest news on Mad Cave Studios, give a follow on social media, or visit to check out the full lineup of new releases and more!

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