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Mad Cave Studios Enters Distribution Agreement with Simon & Schuster

Simon & Schuster, Inc. has entered into a distribution agreement with Mad Cave Studios. Under the agreement, Simon & Schuster will handle sales and distribution worldwide effective August 1, 2022.

"We are beyond excited to be working with Simon and Schuster in the book market," said Chris Fernandez, Publisher of Mad Cave Studios. "This means a lot for Mad Cave currently, and even more for our future together. We truly believe in providing purpose-driven stories for all types of readers, and this relationship will help solidify Mad Cave's philosophy."

"With the long history Simon & Schuster has of elevating publishers of all stripes, we’re thrilled our creator-first, story-first studio is a part of that greater whole,” said Mark Irwin, Vice President of Business Development of Mad Cave Studios.

“We are delighted to welcome Mad Cave Studios to our family of distribution clients,” said Michael Perlman, Vice President, General Manager of Simon & Schuster Publisher Services. “We look forward to working together to bring their books to readers everywhere.”

Founded in 2014, Mad Cave Studios is an independent publisher focused on creating world wide entertainment in the horror, sci-fi, action-adventure, crime, noir, and fantasy spaces. Mad Cave works with international creators to develop masterfully illustrated art with a focus on character-driven storytelling, allowing readers to face insurmountable odds, and descend into madness.

Maverick, Mad Cave Studios' young adult imprint launched in 2021, offers engaging and authentic stories for those who think differently, are not afraid to be independent, and fight for who they truly are. With titles that range from slice-of-life stories to urban fantasy and horror, each Maverick graphic novel offers an authentic and inspiring universal story of personal struggle where anyone can find themselves within the pages.

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