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Art & Story: Oscar Garza

Story: Rolando Esquivel

Publisher: 5 Meats Comics

Lemon Pepper Huggz, Issue #1, cover, 5 Meats Comics, Garza/Esquivel
Lemon Pepper Huggz, Issue #1, cover, 5 Meats Comics, Garza/Esquivel


A light comic about Hispanic elementary-age kids and their school and neighborhood adventures.

It feels like a classic Nickelodeon show: bright and fun and relevant to kids that age.


(Minor Spoilers)

Lemon wants to ride a roller coaster before they close down the ride, but she needs to earn enough money to pay for admission.

To earn the dough, Lemon decides to open a lemonade stand. But she didn’t expect the other girls selling cookies to pose such a threat to her little lemonade stand...

Lemon and her friends, Pepper and Huggz, must quickly raise money and avoid the wrath of these girls who definitely, absolutely aren't "Girl Scouts."


  • Under the 5 Meats banner, Garza & Esquivel bring much-needed positive representation to the comics medium. In Lemon Pepper Huggz, all the characters are Hispanic, and multiple body types are represented in the story.

  • The colors within are bright and vibrant, perfect for kids

  • Spanish use in dialogue builds tone and authenticity while translations throughout the issues use the border space wisely and teach kids Spanish (see a great example of this below)

  • Like the colors, the tone is bright and fun and funny

  • Oscar Garza draws physical humor well, which delivers on the type of humor kids enjoy

  • In fact, the whole comic feels thoughtfully made for its audience, with a shortened, 16-page length cover to cover (great for short attention spans); lots of fun lettering effects and word balloons without too much copy in them; a character introduction in the front, so kids can develop that bond to the characters early on; and an activity page in the back, for coloring and puzzles

  • As an adult, it kept me interested, too, especially with its hilarious Chinatown reference and a panel that (I think) based on a classic meme/GIF


  • It's lovely! I have nothing negative to say about it.

Lemon Pepper Huggz, Issue #1, 5 Meats Comics, Garza/Esquivel
Lemon Pepper Huggz, Issue #1, 5 Meats Comics, Garza/Esquivel


Bright, bubbly and humorous, Lemon Pepper Huggz is a delightful Latinx kids story that's fun for the whole family.


If you like the writing:

If you like the art:


Oscar Garza – Writer & Artist

  • Dream Team: Co-founded 5 Meats Comics with Rolando Esquivel

  • Multitalented: Works on both the story side of things and the art side

  • Influenced by Carlos Meglia, Sam Kieth’s The Maxx, Disney’s Tarzan & WB’s Freakazoid (source)

Rolando Esquivel – Writer

  • Multitalented: Is also an editor at comics publisher, 5 Meats Comics

  • Is a huge pop culture fan, as you may be able to tell in the comic

  • Dream Team: Helped make, with Oscar Garza, the Mashbone & Grifty short on Amazon


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