Cabbage's September Leafy Greens: Yeti Edition

Greetings, yetis! Cabbage here with a delicious dose of nourishing and tasty comics you should get your eyeballs on ASAP.

Like most websites, we've got an absolute treasure trove of submissions from all you fine folks, and only so many hours in the day to cover them. Each month I'll spotlight some fun, weird and unique comics you can add to your sequential diet for variety, creative nutrition and tasty good times.

Let's dive in!

It Took Luke cover by Bayleigh Underwood and Jillian Crab


Sal's an exterminator. Sal hates their job. Sal's trying to get back together with their partner. It's Sal's last day at work.

Oh yeah, and they've got a green exterminator to rescue from a grisly baddie, too.