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KOSHER MAFIA: Coming Soon From Mad Cave Studios

Mad Cave Studios brings gripping new crime series, featuring acclaimed writer David Hazan with art by noir master Sami Kivelä 

You retire when you’re dead… 

Mad Cave Studios is proud to announce KOSHER MAFIA, the gripping new crime thriller series, written by acclaimed author David Hazan (Nottingham, Death Drop Drag Assassin) with interior art and cover A by Sami Kivelä (Deer Editor, Machine Gun Wizards). 

In Cleveland, Ohio, in 1936, Howard Berkowicz, the bookkeeper for the Jewish Mob finds himself on the wrong end of an enforcer’s gun when he tries to spur the Kosher Mafia into action against the rising tide of domestic Nazism in the German American Bund.

“I poured my heart and soul into Kosher Mafia,” said David Hazan. “The characters live and breathe and talk like people I know, love, or would love to have known, family or otherwise. It's a crime thriller that's more than a little transgressive and provocative, and it's steeped in Jewish Cleveland, where our modern comic book industry was born. This comic is about antisemitism, specifically that it neither started nor ended with the Holocaust. When I took the idea to Mad Cave, they didn't just take a chance on this book, they threw their support behind it, full-throated, and that kicked off with reaching out to Samï, who is a singular talent whose work I'd admired for so long...and the work, once we got started, exceeded all expectations. I hope what we've created provides not only a feast for the eyes, but also for the soul, and to that, ess gezunt!” 

“As a huge fan of crime and noir comics, it’s been exciting to work with David and bring his vision of the Cleveland’s Mafia scene of the 1930s to life,” said Sami Kivelä. “I hope readers will enjoy diving into this adventure where our heroes Howard and Eph try to escape the wrath of the mobsters.”


An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth.Colors by the Ringo award-winning Ellie Wright (Red Sonja), letters by Simon Bowland (Superman), with cover B by Shawn Martinbrough (Red Hood). 


Kosher Mafia #1 drops in shops Aug. 7th. 

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