James Tynion IV’s Detective Comics: Lessons On War

James Tynion IV was already on an atmospheric rise and his announcement that he would be publishing books through Substack only sped up that process. In an attempt to see what led to Tynion’s notoriety, I decided to read his 50-issue run. What I found was a thoughtful and creative commentary on the war aspects of Batman’s crime-fighting.

The most consistent theme in Tynion’s run is that leaders of war are willing to sacrifice innocents for the greater good. The reader first sees this through Colonel Kane, Bruce Wayne’s Uncle and Batwoman’s father, whose new bat-centric military, the Colony, intends to use drones to kill 300 suspected, but not confirmed, members of the League of Shadows.

Kane believes the League is the hidden force behind everything bad in Gotham and uses this story to rally the members of the Colony. Even if he is wrong on some of the drone’s targets, he believes it will save millions in the end.