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It's The Monkeygong Comics Club!

Monkeygong kicks things old school with the nostalgia of comics subscriptions!

Escape into the future with original sci-fi comics. Add a healthy dose of underground, psychedelic, slice-of-life, retro European, and a dose of cinematic influence… then go back in time with the way you get them. Monkeygong agrees: Underground comics are still a thing. Announcing The Monkeygong Comics Club, creator Kraig Rasmussen’s old-school monthly book club (starting at just $3 a month), that delivers comics, exclusive art, sketches, mini comics, gifts, surprise merch, and more! Available in monthly or yearly subscriptions, folks get exclusive access to discounts, early releases and special invitations to events in their area. All art, writing, design, merch, and web content are exclusive collectors items created by beloved underground creator, Kraig Rasmussen.

Each month in the mail you’ll receive a Monkeygong comic or other book of art, a mini print, and a sticker or pin (your choice), plus regular emails of comics & art samples when I finish something new before it prints. On top of that you get access behind the paywall at including WIP chapters, special art book projects, behind the scenes process and story content, art, photos and frequent videos. Here’s a sneak peek at forthcoming releases Teaser, The Adventures of Dr. Hickox, and the sci-fi art book, Furthest Reaches II:

TEASER Nonsensical, non sequitur, and completely non-compos mentis! A “stoner” comic with a hint of public access TV; a zany peek inside the mind of Rasmussen in an attempt to reveal something special.

THE ADVENTURES OF DR. COTTON HICKOX Amnesia. Evil Twins. Martial Arts. Everything a time travel story needs.A wild trip through time and the lost mind of its first traveler.

FURTHEST REACHES II Featuring nearly 50 pieces of hand drawn sci-fi art by Kraig Rasmussen, this second black & white science fiction folio is the companion to FURTHEST REACHES Vol. 1.


Monkeygong’s Kraig Rasmussen spoke of the project:

“Subscriptions are crowdfunding in its purest form, it’s a forever presale. And the best of comics have always come from independent roots. Indie comics keep the literary core of sequential art alive, while filling the shelves with an alternative to more standard fare. Comics are not content. They are stories, characters, and deep expression of ideas. They historically speak truth to power, burrow unflinchingly into the complexities of the human condition, scream in our faces like the best of classic punk rock, or completely transport us like the greatest cinema—because independent art is the purest form of a creator's vision. The Comics Club is the answer to all of that. No shifting algorithms to choke visibility, no AI scraping, no spam content to be distracted by. Subscription is the most sustainable form or small press/self-publishing. It’s crowdfunding without needing to run separate campaigns for every single book I make.”


Enjoy weird underground, sci-fi and humor comics? Subscribing to The Monkeygong Comics Club puts you in a direct path of every upcoming comic, sketchbook & art book that Monkeygong is producing— and there are many on the way! Plus, some of the special books will only be available through the club.

Single purchases can also be made at To learn more or sign up, drop in at! More rewards & features will be added as the subscription grows.

As a special launch bonus, early subscribers will stay at their early price when the increase happens January 1st, 2024.

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