It Doesn't Get Much Sweeter Than This – An Interview with VICTORIA GRACE ELLIOTT

COMIC BOOK YETI: Thank you so much for joining me here in the Yeti Cave to talk about YUMMY: A History of Desserts. I thought it was appropriate to make some of my grandmother’s famous rice pudding. I like mine with raisins in it and nutmeg sprinkled on top. I just adored YUMMY! I can’t wait for my daughter Charlotte, she’s 9, to read it so we can talk about it. Also, her middle name is Peri so I think she has an extra reason to love it.

First though, how have you been doing?

YUMMY: A History of Desserts, Random House Graphic, cover, Victoria Grace Elliott

VICTORIA GRACE ELLIOTT: Oh, thank you so much!! I’ve been doing great. The rice pudding sounds delicious–my partner really, really loves rice pudding with cinnamon on top. I really hope Charlotte likes the book and Peri, especially since she shares a name!

CBY: What is your comics origin story? Have you read comics since you were a kid or did you come to comics later? And what influenced you to create your own comics?