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Interview with Kirsten Thompson, Writer and Creator of I Am Hexed

COMIC BOOK YETI: Hi there! Thanks for agreeing to do this interview. I really appreciate it. Can you introduce yourself and what you do to contribute to this series?

KIRSTEN THOMPSON: Hi, my name is Kirsten Thompson and I’m the writer and creator of I Am Hexed.

CBY: Congratulations on having a successful Kickstarter for issue 4! When does the Kickstarter end, in case anybody reading wanted to pledge?

KT: The Kickstarter ends on March 18th.

CBY: What was the inspiration to write I Am Hexed?

KT: The inspiration for I Am Hexed came from a number of places: wanting to have more queer stories, as well my love of witchcraft, magic, and mysteries, as well as some of the events that have happened in the world over the last few years. In addition, this is a story which celebrates people asking what are perhaps uncomfortable questions to get to the truth.

CBY: Did you know that you wanted to work with Christianne for the illustrations and Taylor for the lettering right away, or were they suggested for you? Everything seems to flow so well with your writing that you all seem like a magic trio (if you’ll forgive the bad joke).

KT: I really like Christianne’s work and so she was someone I wanted to work with on this project as it really felt like something that would suit her style.

I’ve known Taylor for a number of years and we’d worked together on other projects, so he was my first choice for letterer.

CBY: I live very close to DC, so I hear about protests, daily social justice activism activity, and government goings-on all the time on our local news. What made DC the best city to unfold this story in?

KT: Given the nature of the story and the fact that witches have embedded themselves in all parts of this world, it felt natural that some of them would be in Washington D.C. – at a nexus of influence and power, even if not a magical one, and therefore be caught up in schemes along the way.

CBY: I really liked that you had magical versions of jobs such as "magic herbologist." What would your magical job be if you lived in the I am Hexed world?

KT: There are a lot of magical jobs in I Am Hexed – some of which haven’t been shown on page yet! But, one of my preferences would be something to do with either plants, since I grow herbs & flowers (including five types of lavender in my backyard), or tracking the development and usage of various glyphs around the world.

CBY: Can you give the readers more background on the Circle, or will they have to pledge to get issue four and find out more?

KT: Some of the things about the Circle would be spoilers, so can’t share much. But think of the Circle as The Ultimate Magical Authority. And yes, there are links between the Circle and the main characters that are explored further.

CBY: How do characters in your series acquire their powers? Are they born with them or are they something anybody can learn?

KT: In the world of I Am Hexed, a person needs to have been born with an affinity for magic. Some are more gifted at it than others, but if you have that affinity and work hard at it, you’ll naturally improve.

CBY: I love the tension between Jaya and Charlie. Will we be seeing more of Jaya since she’s decided to step back from helping Charlie at this point?

KT: Short answer: yes there’s tension, and yes there will be more Jaya!

CBY: What is your quick pitch to get somebody who hasn’t read issues one through three yet to pledge for issue four?

KT: If you like stories with queer characters, witches, magic & mysteries with accidentally carnivorous plants, you should give I Am Hexed a try.

CBY: Lastly, where can people find you online to follow your work with I am Hexed and any other new comics you’re working on?

KT: You can find me on Twitter: @katannthompson


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