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Help Crowdfund Campaigns Through GlobalComix


Happy Crowdfunding Season!

GlobalComix is excited to announce more ways to help creators run a successful campaign at every stage, from prelaunch to fulfillment—all the way to on sale! Here are three unique ways how, using GlobalComix:

Showcase new work to increase potential for pledges. Creators can promote at pre launch or during a campaign by providing sample pages from their comic on GlobalComix platform, allowing potential backers to preview work prior to pledging. Kickstarter links can also be featured on the creator or publisher profile page for easy campaign pledge access.


Offer more than one way to fulfill digital rewards. GlobalComix also makes it easy to fulfill digital rewards by ensuring backers are getting their digital copies. They receive both a digitally watermarked PDF and full streaming access to the issue(s) offered. Creators can also generate one code for all backers with a limited number of uses, create custom codes depending on the tier pledge, or feature email opt-in.


Increase promotion, sales, and build a community through digital distribution. Long after the campaign is over, creators find it beneficial to have content up on the GlobalComix platform for streaming and sales. Readers can also opt-in to follow creators and publishers as part of their growing community, which provides updates and alerts for newly uploaded content.


With a growing base of 100,000 monthly active users, GlobalComix makes it easy to help fund a campaign, fulfill digital comic rewards, continue sales, or build readership. With over 300 North American publishers and 4,000 independent creators and growing, GlobalComix offers creators the tools and opportunity to crowdfund or publish their work independently to those seeking diverse, globally-minded content. It’s free to create an account and use these crowdfunding tools to get creator projects off the ground. To get started, visit:

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