From Superspies to Fairy Tales: An Interview with DEVIN GRAYSON of BLACK WIDOW and REWILD

We talked to Devin Grayson, writer of Nightwing and creator of Yelena Belova, about her long history in the comic book industry and exciting upcoming graphic novel Rewild!

You can find Devin (and preorder her upcoming book!) on her website, and don't forget to check her out on Twitter.

COMIC BOOK YETI: First off, thanks so much for being here! We've got a lot to talk about. We're gonna talk about your start at DC, your new book coming out soon, and lots of other fun stuff, but of course we've got to start with the most currently relevant thing: You are one of the original creators of Yelena Belova, a very important character in the recent Black Widow movie! How did you feel when you found out your character was coming to the MCU?

DEVIN GRAYSON: Yes, I created her along with J.G. Jones! It was really exciting to see her! To be honest, you have mixed feelings about these kinds of things because the comic and movie worlds are so separate. I actually found out about Yelena being in the movie from a fan!

CBY: Really? No way.

DG: Yeah, nobody at Marvel reaches out, you just find out with everyone else! Of course, as soon as I realized it was true, I did get excited. I love Florence Pugh, I could not think of better casting, so