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DARLA: Coming This Spring from Invader Comics

Invader Comics is proud to announce DARLA, the debut horror OGN written by award-winning actor, writer, and director Josh Ruben (Scare Me, Werewolves Within), with art, colors and letters by up-and-coming artist Briana Tippetts, follows the Scream King’s groundbreaking path forged through the horror genre from the big screen!

After an accident at work and systematic poisoning through fracking-spoiled groundwater, Darla's world begins to unravel as she loses her grip on her sanity and reality. DARLA explores the disturbing underbelly of Americana through politics, health, psychosis and murder.

“First, I discovered Briana Tippetts and knew I had to collaborate with her,” said Josh Ruben. “Then, I gave her this twisted little tale and told her to run with it. What Briana delivered (with superhuman timing, might I add) eviscerated my expectations. Her work is equal parts charming, eerie, gruesome, and fun - in essence, perfect for DARLA. That Mike Perkins and Kevin Miller were down to publish our madness with Invader Comics made the whole process all the more exciting. As for what fans can expect... a dark, wicked, kinda sweet, cringey-funny story about an embittered soul with an obsession for a local politician. Also, there's a monster!”

“It’s been an absolute pleasure having the opportunity to work with Josh! He handed me a world and characters that he created with love, detail and care, and allowed me to adapt them visually using my own style,” said Briana Tippetts. “He has treated me like an absolute equal from the beginning—which is not something to take for granted as a woman working in a male-dominated field. His work is brilliant and I am honored that he chose me as a teammate for this project.”

Invader Comics is an invasion from top to bottom. From stories from the big names and original stories like you’ve never seen before; they are pushing the limits of the medium in content and context, challenging you to see something from a new perspective. Their tentacles reach everywhere. Soon they’ll reach you, too.

A demented mash-up of Dead Zone and Requiem for a Dream, DARLA is now available for preorder, and hits shops May 31st!

Invader Comics will also be launching the Kickstarter on March 20th with an exclusive cover by Daniel Crosier, the founder of the Colorado Festival of Horror!

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