Comics, Existentialism, and Wu-Tang Clan – An In-Depth Discussion with Jarred Luján

Jarred Luján has been writing comics for the past 5 years. He followed up his successful series Dry Foot with a successful Kickstarter campaign and a new series, Crash & Troy, from Action Lab.

He's here to discuss all things comics, including finding collaborators, lessons he learned running a Kickstarter, and what readers can expect from his new series, as well as his favorite Meryl Streep movie and how French existentialists have influenced his work.

COMIC BOOK YETI: Jarred, thank you so much for taking the time for this interview. I know you have a lot going on currently. For anyone not familiar with your work, you were one of the winners of the 2019 Mad Cave Studios Talent Search, which led to your series Dry Foot. You have written short comics for several anthologies, including Project: Big Hype Vol. 1, A COLD, DARK UNIVERSE, Yule, and Off Into the Sunset. You just recently had a successful Kickstarter campaign for The Twin Blades, and your newest comic, Crash & Troy, published by Action Lab, will be in comic shops on July 21st. That is a lot of writing, and other hard work, in a short period of time. What led you to wanting to write comics in the first place?

JARRED LUJÁN: When you put it all together like that it sure does sound like a lot, and I’ve still got one or two announcements up my sleeve! I’ve had my foot in and out of comics since I was a kid. I’m actually a manga import in that I started reading manga and slowly moved over to western comics. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, even as a teenager, and I experimented with various mediums in figuring out what I liked from novels to philosophy to whatever, until I gave comics a shot. I think writing for a visual medium suits my style better and the collaborative part of comic