Comic Book Yeti's Byron O'Neal interviews fellow Li'l Squatch, Rob McDonald, about his current Kickstarter campaign for PYRE! With less than 24 hours to go, PYRE is a horror-tinged superhero tale that could use some help and it deserves it. Read on to find out why.

Annie Andrade, Linda Campbell

BYRON O'NEAL: This is Byron O'Neal hanging out here with creator Rob McDonald, and we're going to chat a little bit about his new Kickstarter comic series Pyre. Before we jump into the Kickstarter project, give me a little background about yourself.

ROB MCDONALD: Yeah, I'm originally from Wales, but I've lived here in the Netherlands now for the last six years. We moved over for my wife's work. It's just kind of bits and pieces of writing here and there, and now I'm writing more for Comic Book Yeti and have a few short stories coming out this year and probably a couple anthologies coming out next year.

B: So what got you into comics in the first place? I was introduced to it as a kid. I started with West Coast Avengers, and I was like eight years old?

R: I had to take a sideways route because I grew up in a really small town in North Wales. The access we had was not particularly great pre-internet. So, my first exposure to the main characters was through films. I grew up loving all the Batman and Superman films. Once I got to an age where I had my own money and access to things was more available, that's when I started reading more. It was definitely the gateway drug. Then when I was around 18, I started expanding more. I started reading more things like Hellboy, all the more normal stuff you start with when you are getting into comics. I fell off wit