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CBY Exclusive: Preview THE BLACK RUBRIC Now!

As you're probably aware, The Black Rubric has gone full "media blitz" with its Kickstarter PR, and we've been publishing every bit of it because, frankly, we love Chris, Katie & Hass here at Comic Book Yeti.

And, because they love us, they gave us an exclusive look at some fresh pages from the comic, never before seen by the living! (Well, beyond the creative team. And, well, anyone they happened to show.)

Feast your eyes on the glory!

Further Information

Email for all press queries:

Twitter: @ChrisManji

Campaign video: A loving homage to the classic Immortal music video “Call of the Wintermoon”, the campaign video for The Black Rubric Kickstarter is designed to evoke a particular genre of black metal music video which features black-clad, corpse-painted musicians embracing the grimness of nature:

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