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On Wednesday, July 10, acclaimed Syracuse-based comic book publisher AHOY Comics will publish DEADWEIGHTS #4, the latest issue of the buddy comedy about two unlucky henchmen trying to make their way in the world from writer Tyrone Finch (Swine, Station 19) and artist Sebastián Píriz (We Ride Titans).

The comedic, action-filled six-issue series follows two members of a villainous team of evil mutants who are fired for their incompetence and try to go straight—but learn that life doesn’t get easier just because you’re wearing pants instead of tights.

Each issue will feature a main cover by Piriz as well as a “mug shot” incentive cover by Richard Pace (Second Coming), which will form a linked image.

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The requirement to collect power cells before purchasing the outfit and the plethora of run 3

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