Cartooning and Curmudgeonry with Alex Schumacher of MR. BUTTERCHIPS

We recently sat down with Alex Schumacher, the talented creator of Mr. Butterchips and Decades of (in)Experience to chat about re-launching Mr. Butterchips as a weekly strip with Slave Labor Graphics, writing difficult characters and the intricacies of solo comics craft.

Make sure to follow Alex on Twitter and check out his work, including the Mr. Butterchips collection released in June of last year.

The O.Z. cover
Cover by Alex Schumacher

CHRISTA HARADER: Alex, how are you? It’s nice to finally get to chat.

ALEX SCHUMACHER: Yeah, it is! I’m doing well. I’ve got a few things going on – pitching a graphic novel with my agent right now, so knock on wood. Maybe something will happen!

CH: Very cool, fingers crossed for you!

Let’s chat about the Mr. Butterchips relaunch with Slave Labor Graphics – did they reach out, or was this something you’d had in mind for a while?