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ABLAZE's New Comic Ignites Kickstarter

Comic publisher Ablaze has announced that they are publishing the newly acquired graphic novel Mythspace: Ignition. Mythspace is a Filipino-inspired space opera that mixes the tropes of classic Sci-Fi and Filipino folklore.

Ablaze has provided us with some details on the graphic novel and its upcoming Kickstarter campaign, as well as some preview pages.

Mythspace: Ignition is a graphic novel collection of 6 stories exploring a universe where the old tales and folklore creatures from the Philippines – Tikbalangs, Kapres, Manananggals – were inspired by actual alien civilizations. From a young man’s journey into myth, to a Kapre war, to a Manananggal coming of age, these stories (now depicted in full color) will take readers on an unforgettable journey both strange and familiar.

The collection was edited and written by Paolo Chikiamco and features stories from a cadre of acclaimed Filipino illustrators including Koi Carreon, C.R. Chua, Borg Sinaban, Jules Gregorio, Paul Quiroga, and Mico Dimagiba.


Mythspace: Lift Off with Koi Carreon

Monsters are myths and aliens are fiction – that’s what Ambrosio Magkalas believes, not his crazy Lola’s stories about robot-riding Nuno and Kapres from space. But now she’s dead, and Ambrosio is about to learn that she wasn’t so crazy after all… Art by Koi Carreon and words by Paolo Chikiamco.

Mythspace: Black Mark with Paul Quiroga

A story that gives readers a glimpse into the fractious society of the crafty Nuno, where political zealots (who tint their skins to signify their party loyalties) have the government in a persistent state of gridlock. Yet, legend has it that there exists a faction that transcends politics: the legendary Black, a task force that is authorized to go to extreme measures to safeguard Nuno society. Helmless Mang, a pariah on his home planet, is about to find out that the Black are both more powerful and more terrible than the stories would have you believe… Art by Paul Quiroga and words by Paolo Chikiamco.

Mythspace: Devourers of Light with Jules Gregorio

The reasons behind the centuries-long hatred between the Kapre and the Laho unfolds in this tale. At a turning point in history, the Laho lead an inter-species alliance to punish the Kapre for violating a galaxy-wide taboo… but when Supreme Apex Barkarilkarilmon loses his patience with the other races, the Laho take independent action — with disastrous consequences for the Kapre race. Art by Jules Gregorio and words by Paolo Chikiamco.

Mythspace: Uncommon Ground with Mico Dimagiba

It’s tough being a detective on a planet of shapeshifters. But Inquest Haskra’s life takes a turn for the worse when he’s hired by a Laho to find a missing jewel to prevent the onset of civil war. But does Haskra really want to help a member of the race that destroyed his home planet? Art by Mico Dimagiba and words by Paolo Chikiamco.

Mythspace: Humanity with C.R. Chua

In a galaxy where humans have no rights, Danny and Marta work as slaves in the mines of the Kataw. But when they are miraculously rescued by something out of legend, they must decide what freedom means to each of them, and what they are willing to pay for it. Art by Cristina Chua and words by Paolo Chikiamco.

Mythspace: Unfurling of Wings with Borg Sinaban

Ri-En, Books, and Zu are orphans who eke out a living in the slums of an aging space station, under the protection of their mentor, Ka-Ang. But Ka-Ang’s health is deteriorating, and the three friends hatch a desperate plan to save him — one which places them on a collision course with the station’s worst criminal gang, as well as one of the dreaded and immortal “Sixths.” Art by Borg Sinaban and words by Paolo Chikiamco.

by Chris Rundt @FortressChris


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