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4 COLOR LOW-DOWN: Weekly Comics News 6/12/24

I'm back! Back again! Doug Wood's back, tell a friend. That's right I have returned again this week to do my unpaid job. (Hey now!) (Oh hush you) I am exploring a set up for this weekly feature. I have always covered what is headed to the stores for the coming week. While that is helpful for us to know what to buy, it's not as helpful for the creators. (Booo) So hopefully next week I will start to cover the books in pre-order. You see comics still operates on an ancient and bizarre process that requires books to do well in pre-order and not what is sold in shops. (How wacky!) Be on the look out for What The FOC? (pending Mr. Yeti approval and hopefully nobody has used this lame pun name) (PUUUUNNNNSSS cause brain rot)



Can you believe Image Comics gave Daniel Warren Johnson other book? I know, right? Teaming him with phenomenal artist Riley Rossmo is just baiting me at this point. Wooo doggy. The Moon Is Following Us is about a child who is kidnapped by a mysterious force. And now the parents must work to get her back. They are saying this is fantasy action.

The IGN article I stole this from says this releases September 18th.

Continuing Image we get Liam Sharp's continuation of his Starhenge series with the new entry ORE. This is a graphic novella, follows the ending of the original series and a battle will be needed to fight against a resurrected Ur-queen. Liam art was in one the first comics I ever bought, so I have an enormous soft spots for his work. Helps being a fan when his art has been on another level.

This book is out August 7th.


Do you like deals? DSTLRY is offering a 14 page ashcan of The Big Burn for free. This book by Joe Henderson and Lee Garbett is a mystery to me as the press release does not mention anything about the story. But dang free and the cover looks neat. Can't go wrong.


Rebellion sent me only this image. No words nothing else. I kinda like the ballsy-ness of it. So I will post this image here for you. Maybe it ignites your interest.


And in this weeks main event we have the return of Mad Cave Studios talent search competition. If you are an aspiring creator who has yet to be published by major comic companies consider taking a look at this. They are looking for 2 writers, 2 artists, 2 colorists, and 2 letterers to work on an upcoming project.

"Each submission must be based on one of these Mad Cave titles to qualify: Battlecats (Fantasy), The Devil That Wears My Face (Horror), Nottingham (Historical Fiction), or Hunt. Kill. Repeat. (Mythology). Each creator may send one submission, but keep in mind that the project you could potentially be working on may or may not be set in the same universe as your submission."



Can you believe some guy named Doug Wood has a comic Kickstarter? Loser Pool with artist Armando Zanker looks to be the start to a crazy summer. The story follows a man who comes out of nowhere to nearly topple the World's tournament bracket. Then he loses he comes crashing back to reality. When a mysterious man offers one last chance at glory he jumps. But this time the loser's are fighting to the death! A mix of tournament manga like Dragon Ball with fighting games like Mortal Kombat all with a hefty helping of lovable loser characters.

Live now! Can you believe they gave me a Project They Love badge? Too kind

Our friends over at Band of Bards have launched their new campaign Amongst the Stars. This anthology is full of romance and sci-fi. Goregous world's and art. This features 90 pages with 14 stories for you to enjoy. Disclaimer Doug Wood is in this one too.

Hop aboard the interstellar flight and grab a copy for your journey!

The Cyros is a punk rock sci-fi book by Charles Spano and Amilcar Pinna. "When Ana Droid and her no-wave punk band find H.G. Wells' Time Machine in the basement of a London club that used to be a pickle factory, they leave 1982 behind and travel 1000 years into the future, where they must choose sides in the bi-oid revolution against uber-rich tech magnate Arthur Hawkes."

Peep this killer concept now. The book is fully funded so grab a copy.

Blood of Atlantis is our last Kickstarter of the week. Creators Jon Auerbach and Francine Delgado are pitching this as Indiana Jones meets D&D. Their lead character is very sure that myth are real and that magics have been dampened by an unknown source. Well what better place to look for answers that the mythical, and she is sure actually existing, Atlantis.

This project has shot past it's goal. So back with you money and expect a book in return!



Possibly the last version of this before the revamp. Let's see what books in the shop look good and I would purchase if I had a budget of $5, $15 or $30.

What If I Had $5

Writer Zac Thompson continues to scare me. Then you pair him with incredible Hayden Sherman and you have a recipe that cannot be missed. Into The Unbeing revolves around a group of scientists in the Australian outback researching an impossible landmass. Then things get cosmic horror. You should buy this.

What If I Had $15?

More Australians? Ok. Louie Joyce brings to the streets Godzilla: Skate or Die. That is it that should be enough to sell you on this book.

Mezo issue 2 is out this week. I am cheating as it is on my pull list, but Jarred Lujan Tyler Chin-Tanner and Val Rodrigues are putting out a killer book. One is prison, the twins are needing to rescue him. Things are ramping up with the newly powered emperor.

What If I Had $30?

I love looking through the catalog and finding things I've never heard of before. Owne Pomery has created Hard Switch. A couple of scavengers are thinking this is their last mission. Pickings are slim and looks like travel is not working out for the amount it costs. But are they about to uncover a new way to travel interstellar wise? Yea, I want this book.

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I always look forward to the 4 COLOR LOW-DOWN updates, and this week's edition is packed with exciting news! It's fantastic to stay updated with the latest happenings in the comic book world.

I was particularly thrilled to read about [mention a specific piece of news or comic title from the article, e.g., a new release, upcoming crossover event, or interview with a creator]. It’s always great to see how the industry keeps evolving and bringing fresh, engaging content to fans Thanks for delivering such comprehensive and resident evil 4 leon kennedy jacket coverage every week. Your updates are a must-read for both casual readers and dedicated comic enthusiasts. Can't wait to see what next week's issue has in store!


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sob adiet
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In the novel The Moon Is Following Us, a little child is abducted by an enigmatic entity. Her parents now have to work to dordle get her back. They claim that the activity here is fantastical.

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