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4 COLOR LOW-DOWN: Weekly Comics News 5/22/24

Can I start off by saying ouch? I do not recommend breaking toes. I further do not recommend getting your legs covered in poison ivy. It was a mildly annoying time last week, but hey there are comics to read so everything is looking up. I am bringing you two weeks of comics news. Hopefully you will enjoy the double hit? Maybe you deserve a longer lunch break today to read through this all. Yea, that sounds right.



Hot hot hot off the press is the announcement of Boom Studios new book S.I.R. by creator Fellhound. Pitched as Kamen Rider meets Revolutionary Girl Utena, the series features girls love romance and fierce motorcycle combat!

Pre-order this book when its time. Find it in the shop August 14th!!!


Image had a huge week of press releases so let's dive right in. Lee Loughridge and Andrew Robinson present Standstill. They are presenting a revenge driven tale of a man who steals a device that can stop time. As he is racking up stolen goods and killing world leaders, it will fall on to some geek to stop the crime spree.

The preview art of this book is excellent, and I recommend you seeking it out if that story tease interests you at all. Standstill comes to shops August 21!

Continuing with Image, we run into Cliff Rathburn and his new book Remote Space. The story is telling of a future Earth that is dying. Humanity has split into two categories. One that adapted to space travel and the other that was left behind and is adapting to the unrelenting cold. One through cybernetic augmentation and the other through genetic manipulation. Watch as those two parts collide to try to save Earth.

This arrives in shops June 12.

More sci-fi from Image with the announcement of Convert by John Arcudi and Savannah Finley. There is not much in the way of telling what the book is about so I'll copy what they have to say: 'Science Officer Orrin Kutela finds himself stranded on a distant planet, starving and haunted by the ghosts of his dead crew. On the verge of death, he makes an astonishing discovery.'

The preview art here is also spectacular. Give it a look when it comes to shops August 21.

More from Image, we have All The Things We Didn't Do Last Night by Maria Llovet. This one-shot is a crime to lovers tale. One is a art historian that becomes an art thief. The other a hitman. Unaware of each others secret they end up on a date. Only to witness each others crimes.

This is out July 3.


We move on now to Dynamite and their next Vampirella book Dark Reflections. Artist Daniel Maine explores what the title characters life would be like in different dimensions.

The press release does not mention a store date. I guess its up to you to figure that out.


Look at what we have here! Oni Press is bringing Sesame Street to comics with Grover Lends A Hand. Creators Joey Esposito and Austin Baechle are on board to bring you to the iconic street. Grover wakes up, but before he can enjoy his day, he realizes his friends need some help.

Enjoy this cuteness August 28.

Then Oni Press brings up the opposite of cuteness with Rick and Morty Youth in Revolt. Creators Michael Moreci and Tony Gregori are doing a fun concept. I'll let them explain: 'Rick’s been cagey lately—especially cagey. And secretive. After yet another misadventure with Morty goes haywire, Morty begins to pull away from his grandfather. So, Rick does what any healthy, mentally stable grandparent would do: he secretly creates a universe with new grandchildren who actually love him! Only problem is that universe has now reached adolescence and is rebelling, threatening the entire universe. This uprising, led by a fierce, glass-eyed Morty and his army of revolutionaries, aims to fight and kill the very god that created it: Rick.'

Coming in hot August 21!



We kick off this week of crowdfunding campaigns with a fairly unique one from Dauntless Stories and creator Kara Huset, Valorverse. The campaign is running directly on the comic publishers own crowdfunding platform. This is a introductory superhero universe one-shot. 40 pages of comics. There is no real storyline pitch on the page, so I ask you to take a look at their page. See if it's something that interests you.

Live now!

Next is by the owner of Dauntless Stories, but not being published under their banner is Marcus Jimenez and Alex Breen's Devour. This horror one-shot is maximum energy. The story follows a vampire hunter fighting through a hospital with the power of weaponize dreams. I was given an early copy of the book and I found it enjoyable. Take a look yourself.

Euphoria vol 2 by Eric O'Conner has launched. The story is a horror comic following a serial killer trying to find meaning. He finds another killer that makes some very boastful claims. Now the hunt begins to figure out which is the ultimate.

Live now.



Phew, I haven't had to do this section in a bit. I have had so many lovely guest chip in and showcase their taste in comics in hopes you find something new. Well those people are all busy, so I am back to share my tastes with you, as I flip through the Previews catalog and tell you what I'd buy if I had a budget of $5, $15 and $30.

What If I Had $5

Yes I remember now how to do this. I found a book I simply couldn't resist and I am so glad I looked through the catalog because I had no idea it existed. I have long been a fan of creators Justin Greenwood and Landry Walker. Justin worked on one of my favorite comics Stumptown and Landry did another favorite Danger Club. Their new book The Butcher Boy must be consumed right away.


Ooo wee, I know this week is a cheat for me because I have both these 90's nostalgia baits on my comic shop pre-order pull list. But I cannot be more pumped for these books finally get into my hands. Writer Joe Casey and artist Paul Fry have created Blood Squad Seven. This book is about a new team taking up the mantle for the previous gen which was all tabloid and celebrity. Will the new generation succeed or will the name be a poison pill? Then Local Man continues with Tony Fleecs and Tim Seeley's excellent story of a disillusioned and discredited superhero dealing with the weird small town life they left behind.

What If I Had $30

I know nothing of this book, but sometimes a name catches you and you are intrigued enough to try out a book. Doesn't that sounds fun? The Case of The Missing Men promises David Lynchian vibes mixed with Hardy Boy sensibilities. Creators Kris Bertin and Alexander Forbes bring together a story about a dismally small town and a teen detective club trying to find fun in the mundanity of their lives. It won't take much because they are promising big weird.

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