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4 COLOR LOW-DOWN: Weekly Comics News 3/27/24

Hello there, I didn't see you come in. Why don't you come in and have a seat? Motions to vacate seat.* I heard you missed the comic news this week. I won't say I am disappointed, instead I offer you to read on. Learn the juicy details of the comics biz. And before I kick off the week, I implore you to check out that Kickstarter launching this week. Hell of a comic and hell of a team of creators masterminding its existence. (Doug, where is your typical disclosure? You co-created and co-wrote the first issue.) ((What?!? How dare you imply I would give favorable placement to a good friend? How dare??? I am in no way involved with this issue thank you very much)) (((Hmmm a Wizard with a missing hand? I bet he has the magic touch)))


The influencers are invading comics. New publisher Bad Egg announces a launch of three new titles from the likes of Moist Cr1TiKaL and JackSetpticEye. Attached are Megan Huang for The Somewhat Incredible Jackie-Boy Man, Suzie Blake for Void Silver and Vamkire Trannel for Plague Seeker. All coming to shops sometime that they do not specify.


One of the most electrifying artists of his age (imo) is getting his book released soon from Image Comics. Simon Roy's Griz Grobus will shock your senses and alight your imagination with this incredible comic. If you like sci-fi, I cannot recommend this enough.

Coming to shops June 18th!

I don't like to cover re-prints here in the news, but damn, it's SAGA!!! Fiona Staples is bringing out the 6x9 sized prints of the book. Holy hell. If you love Sci-fi and tales of romance and drama while being incredibly well drawn, you must do yourself a favor and get yourself a copy if you missed out on the first go.

Get yours September 24.


Finally, we wrap with comics from Mad Cave Studios. Starting with Morning Star issue #1. Artist Marco Finnegan is drawing a story about a smokejumper that perished in a fire. A year later as his family tries to lay his ashes to rest they must survive a wild experience they cannot escape from.

Out Today!

Next up is Clay Footed Giants from Alain Chevarier. The story revolves around dads trying to make right for their kids after spending their own kidhoods experiencing trauma from their dads. Deep.

Find this beautifully arted book Oct. 8.

There seems to be a meme going around that dudes of my age just love to talk about Dick Tracy. Well here's to the boys, as we are getting new Dick Tracy from Geraldo Borges. If you love Dick's wacky rogue's gallery, get in here.

Boys, it's out April 24.


The headliner, the spotlight is here! Lesly Julien returns with Savage Wizard issue 2. The story features a barbarian forced to reclass as a wizard (barbarians hate those) after his hand is chopped the hell off. Issue 2 sees the lead on the rebound after the events of issue 1, so it's time for a training montage. Does this guy even know how to read? Give him a spell book and let's find out quickly before the world comes to an end.

Launching March 29th!!!



What if I Had $5

Previously featured under the news headline is Cemetery Kids Don't Die. I have long been a fan of artist Daniel Irizarri and happy to buy any comic with his art attached to it. Luckily issue one was incredible and hooked me enough to come back for issue 2. If you haven't tried you still have time to hit your shop this week and dive into it.

What If I Had $15

World's Away comes from newer indie pub Band of Bards. I believe I backed the first issue on Kickstarter some time back and I am happy to see this comic being picked up for the direct market. The art is incredible. So go grab a copy, support new creators in the business.

What If I Had $30

Sebela is another creator I have long followed since grabbing a copy of High Crimes off of Monkey Brain's $.99 digital offerings. Sebela has an interesting setup with a God falling to Earth and a warrior going back home after war. What weird and wonderful things happen on this journey is why I am ready to plunk down my $20 to grab a trade. God Fell from Vault Comics.

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